Only 13 Ministries Necessary Mr President!

"The twenty nine ministries are wasteful extravagance and exploitative ploys of the public mockery meant to siphon and drain the scarce wealth into the briefcases of the few elites".

From Thirik Lang Mijak*

GURTONG – Dear Mr President and Confidants: The creation of 29 ministries is appallingly and vehemently displeasing to all South Sudanese citizens across the world.

The citizens of the South Sudan had been very critical of the formation of the biggest and ineffective, inefficient government, which reciprocally depletes and funnels the national wealth into the pockets of few, corrupted elites, crooks, and presidential confidants.

South Sudanese citizens across the world are calling on the RSS to drastically and dramatically reverse this oversized government and reduce it to a lean, effective, efficient, and quality government that can enable it to deliver sustainable resourceful wealth and services in an affordable and manageable systems.

The twenty nine ministries are wasteful extravagance and exploitative ploys of the public mockery meant to siphon and drain the scarce wealth into the briefcases of the few elites.

These creations of many ministries had nothings to do with the efficient and effective deliverances of public services to the people but it is perceived by citizens as welfare distributions of national wealth to few individuals to create favourable job for political confidants by the President.

This is a dysfunctional, big, and expensive government and it must be averted in order to curb unnecessary, big government-spending and cut future expenditures for other alternative national expenses and to cater for all the other areas where the government may experience budgetary, financial constraints and shortages.

I call upon the government to reduce the number of the current ministries to a less expansive, inexpensive, small government of 13 ministries.

Below are the dissolution suggestions of 29 ministries into what I believe is public recommendations.

Mergences/Recommendations of 29 Ministries into 13 ministries of RSS:

1.The Defense Ministry shall merge the department of the veteran affairs under its roof and creates military entitlements/pensions and other sub-divisions as its directorates.

2.Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall accommodate all the departments of regional and foreign/international cooperation as its departmental directorates.

3.The Ministry of Health and Human Service shall merge and accommodates all departments of the health and human services such as gender, social and child services as its departmental directorates.

4.The Ministry of Justice shall remain as a lone ministry on its own.

5.The Ministry of Treasure and Economy: The ministries of the trade, commerce, economic planning, investment and industry as well as finance and banking shall merge under one roof of The Ministry of Treasure and Economy as its departmental directorates.

6.The Ministry of National Telecommunication shall merge the so-called ministries of postal services, information and broadcasting ministries under its roof.

7.The Ministry of Agriculture: The so-called ministries of Water services, wildlife and tourism, animal resources, fisheries, environment, irrigation schemes, forestry shall be merged as departmental directorates under the roof of the Ministry of Agriculture.

8.The Ministry of Education: Shall merge the so-called ministries of General Education and Instructions, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology under its roof as directorates.

9.The Ministry of Energy: Shall consolidate the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining and Ministry of Electricity and Dams into the directorates of the Ministry of Energy.

10.The Ministry of Public Transportation: Shall consist of the Ministry of Roads and Bridges/Rivers.

11. The Ministry of Labour: Shall compose of the ministries of Public Service and Human Resource Developments as its directorates.

12. The Ministry of Interior shall merge the so-call ministry of the national security and the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management as its directorates.

13. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Housing shall encompass the establishment of the urbanization and rural development and construction of public buildings as its directorates.

The so-call ministries of Cabinet Affairs, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, and Minister, Office of the President shall be ultimately eliminated once and for all since they serve no purposes at all in this categorical regards, simply because we have the two governmental branches already in place to serve the functions (both the Legislative (SSLA) and Executive (the presidential palace ministry) of the ministries of the cabinet and parliamentary affairs, and office of the president.

This presidential decree had been redundantly repetitive, ridiculous, and in unprofessional duplicity. According to the national public opinions and surveys, it is imperative that this expansive and wasteful government be reduced to a lean, affordable, and sustainable government that can be able to save surplus national revenue or wealth to cater for other national allocations as well as strategizing for any future national budgeting crisis that may arise circumstantially in the process of running the big spending government.


*Thirik Lang Mijak is a graduate in Criminal Justice. You can post your response to this article under the space provided below.

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23/08/2011, 7:11 PM
 - Posted by RaanLuel Wel
What does English word “ministry” become nowadays? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, it means “the office, duties, or work of a religious leader; and government departments.” The word is commonly known in religious settings. But British started to use it as recently as 1916 to name certain departments in government, according to World English Dictionary online. Besides, Americans, especially USA generally use department in its government, instead of ministry. For example, Department of defense in US government = Ministry of defense in British government. If you look at that, both countries use the same word differently. But in case of South Sudan government, the word has already been overused so it will be monotonous if they create department again under any ministry.

Anyway, I agree with the author to reduce cabinet to smaller ministries as follows:

1. Ministry of Defense
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3. Ministry of Home Affairs/Interior
4. Ministry of Finance
5. Ministry of Commence/Business
6. Ministry of Agriculture
7. Ministry of Energy & Mining
8. Ministry of Health
9. Ministry of Transportation
10. Ministry of Justice
11. Ministry of Education
12. Ministry of labor
13. Ministry of Telecommunication/Postal

The government of South Sudan needs to be brief and precise, instead of being wordy with fancy terminologies that mean nothing but the same thing.

24/08/2011, 7:33 AM
 - Posted by John Panchol
I agree with you Thirik, there is too much duplication. I however, disagree with the category of ministries that you classify under the Ministry of Agriculture. Ministry of Environment should remain as it is. South Sudan is faced with so many environmental issues including surface and ground water pollution, air pollution, and more importantly, risk of oil spills. These issues should be handled by the ministry of Environment and have nothing to do with Agriculture. The blessing that South Sudan has in the name of oil reserves brings with it the environmental hazards that the government should keep an eye on. You might have heard of the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico in USA which made headlines around the world but mind you, an even bigger spill has been going on in Nigeria over the years. However, no one talked about it. Given the fact that most African leaders cares less about environment, that oil spill is now estimated to cost up to 3 billion dollars and many years of work to clean it up. The lifes of people in that region are devastated. I bet the same story is true around the oil fields in South Sudan where I hear that the vegetation is drying up. Such problems neccesitates presence of a ministry to handle them.

However, ministries of Water services, wildlife and tourism, animal resources, fisheries and forestry should all fall under the Ministry of Natural Resources. On the other hand, the Ministry of Irrigation Schemes should be under the ministry of Agriculture.

All in all, I do agree with you, this big government is a waste of public money.

25/08/2011, 7:29 AM
 - Posted by Manyang Mador Koch
For now, we don't need all these minstries. President Salva should not accommondate people by creating too many minstries in Southern Sudan. I think, this is the right time for Pagan Amum to resign from the so-called minstry of CPA because it is pointless to have this minstry in place.
25/08/2011, 11:42 AM
 - Posted by Ijjo Ronald
Do we need a DG for Dams, Electricity, etc etc, my president should know that there is need to create Commissions, Boards, Authorities and Directorates. No human being can make everybody happy. the positive result of our struggle is the freedom and not ministerial positions ( to all politicians).
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