Lafon / Lopa County Wary of Water Shortage

Residents of Lafon/ Lopa County in Eastern Equatoria State are worried over an impending water shortage.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 17 November 2011 [Gurtong] – The Lafon/Lopa County Commissioner Caesar Oromo Urbano told Gurtong in Torit that the county faces an imminent acute shortage of drinking water following the collapse of most boreholes in the area.

He added that lack of technicians to repair the boreholes has contributed to the uncertainty.

“We still lack skilled technicians to take care of the repairs despite several trainings by development agencies operating in the county. I have, however, approached he State Governor who has pledged his support”, said Urbano.

He added that he has also approached development partners who have pledged to assist in the construction and rehabilitation of more boreholes once funds are available.


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