First Annual South Sudanese Music Award Launched

The JUBAWOOD Entertainment and Productions a broad based entertainment firm is organizing for the first time South Sudanese Music Awards ceremony to be held in Juba on the 24th of March 2012 in Nyakuron Cultural Center.

First Annual South Sudanese Music Award Launched
(middle) Mr. Bol Sultan Tem and other music officials during the music award launch in Juba [©Gurtong]

By Juma John Stephen
JUBA, 28th January  [Gurtong] – The JUBAWOOD Entertainment and Productions a broad based entertainment firm is organizing for the first time South Sudanese Music Awards ceremony to be held in Juba on the 24th of March 2012 in Nyakuron Cultural Center.

The South Sudanese Music Awards’ main objective is to promote South Sudanese artists and their music both locally and internationally.
Speaking to the media on Thursday in De’ Havana Restaurant, the Chief Executive Officer for the firm, Bol Sultan Tem said the process is going to be free and far.

“The SOSA award is the biggest event that will make this new country music breakthrough. We intend to promote a world-class show that will portray a positive image of South Sudan,” Bol said.

The CEO also said there is going to be a team of 150 experts to review the work of all the artists and those nominated in all the categories.  Winners in each of the category will be announced immediately. Winners shall benefit from cash and other lucrative awards.

“The voting for each of the nominees will be through mobile phone “strictly using VIVACELL” because the telecommunications company agreed to promote our course for unity through the awards. The public will be informed as to when the voting will start and how to vote,” he said.

“There is going to be no favoritism in the wards, all the nominees will be awarded according to their talents and creativity.  The organizers promised to hire some of the best judges in such events to avoid sentiments about the awards as compared to others,” he added.

This is going to be a massive event and if it is to take place the CEO said it will require over 46, 000 South Sudanese Pounds. “We have our sponsors and we will declare them soon when we launch the day for the voting,” Mr. Sultan added.

South Sudan Music Awards nicknamed as (Sosa Awards) was initiated in 2006 in the USA to recognize South Sudanese artists in the music industry, movies and sports. 

These are the nominees for each category.   

Best Hip-Hop Artist:
1. Fat Joe
2. Dany K
3. Lam Tungwar
4. K. Deng
5. Lawless YB
6. Tando
7. Lucky Hunner
8. YP Thiara
9. Lual King of Hip Hop

Best Reggae Artist:

1. Brown D
2. Ras Korby
3. Ras Koby
4. Rap Dog
5. Mr. Waar

Best Dancehall Artist:
1. Silver X
2. WJ
3. Mr. Lang
4. Mr. Waar
5. Koda Koda

Best R&B Artist:

1. Cj Oman
2. J2 Guys
3. Swarm Entertainment

Best Soukous Entertainer:
1. Emma J
2. Emmanuel Lasu
3. David Manyang
4. Akot Kuei
5. James Garang Dut

Best Afro Beat Entertainer:
1. JKP
2. Ras Jimmy
3. Lucky J
4. Steryo
5. Woda Woda
6. Kang JJ

Best Gospel Artist:
1. Jazzy Rock
2. Daniel Lasuba
3. Gen. Manasseh Mathiang
4. Mary Botol
5. Star eagle

Favorite Country & Traditional Male Artist:
1. Gordon koang
2. John Kudsay
3. Doup Pur Doup
4. Petter Retta
5. Emmanuel Kembe
6. General Paulino
7. Kang JJ

Favorite Country & Traditional Female Artist:
1. Nyankol Mathiang
2. Sister J
3. Nyapal Lul
4. Mary Boyi
5. Sister Celina

Favorite Country & Traditional Song:
1. Sudan Majaja by Gordan Koang
2. Habib Galbi by John Kudusay
3. Wondeng Highway by Sister J
4. Abyie cha dongwai by Nayankol mathiang
5. Comarade by Doup Pur Doup

The Most Contributed Referendum Artist:
1. Queen Zee
2. Emmanaul Kembe
3. John Junnub
4. Doup Pur Doup
5. Jemy Mo
6. Gordon Koang

The Most Contributed Referendum Song:
1. Separation oyah by John Junuub
2. Saparation by Queen zee
3. Refrendum by JKP
4. Markab whid by Emmanuel  Kembe
5. Comrade  by Doup Pur Doup
6. Markab Whid  by Emmanuel Lasu

Best Group of the Year:
1. Swarm  Entertainment
2. Star Eagle
3. Coozo Clan
4. JJ Musica
5. United Kings

Best Male Artist:
1. Silver X
2. JKP
3. WJ
4. Mr. Lang
5. Mr. Waar
6. Lam Tungwar

Best Female Artist:
1. Sarah Yong
2. Mary Boyoi
3. Quen Zee
4. Nyapal Lul
5. Ann Lado
6. Halla me

Best Stage & Life Performance Artist:
1. Lucky hunner
2. Silver X
3. WJ
4. Mr. Waar
5. Ras Korby
6. Lual the King of Hip Hop
7. Mr. Lengs

Best New Artist:
1. Amal
2. Mt7
3. Shantiman
4. Daisy  Doll
5. Beaty Toni
6. Scorp J
7. Halla me
8. Cool B

Song of the Year:
1. Wallay by Silver X
2. Masora by Ras Jimmy
3. Kalby waja by Queen Zee
4. Season of peace by WJ
5. Baby raja wara by Mr. Lang
6.    Love by Lam Tungwar
7.    Real bad man-Mr. Waar

Best Collaboration Song:
1. Coozo Clan “Samera”  Featuring JD
2. Rast Jimmy “Masura” Featuring Scorp J
3. Mr. Waar “Dance till morning” Featuring Emma
4. Queen Zee “Galbi Gi Waja”  Featuring MJ:
5. Silver X “Masura” featuring YP & Toby
6. Lam Tungwar “Call President” featuring Wyre
7. Modern Boys “Jeng jenga”
8. WJ “Lotole” Featuring Washington

Best Video of the Year:
1. Kalby Waja by Queen Zee
2. Big Momma by JKP
3. Wally by Silver X
4. Samira by Coozo clan
5. Love by Lam Tungwar
6. Handsup by Mr. lang
7. You the only one by WJ

Best Male TV Presenter of the Year:

1. Kizito Oketa
2. Aliandro Lotok
3. Simon Bingo
4. Oyet Patrick
5. Mohamed Desarum
6. Idris Mohamed Adam

Best Female TV Presenter of the Year:

1. Salome Kiden
2. Paleki Mathew
3. Rejoice Samson
4. Rael Paulino Dogale
5. Butheina Mohammed
6. Elisa Jamba Hassen

The Best Male Radio Presenter of the Year:
1. Daniel Danis – SRS 98.6 Fm
2. Dj Junior – VOP Radio
3. Maal Maker – Miraya Fm
4. Tethluach Peter- SRS 98.6 Fm
5. Sebit William – Miraya Fm
6. Bosco Mudi – Miraya Fm
7. Lasuba Memo- SRS 98.6 Fm
8. Wol Abraham – Miraya Fm

The Best Female Radio Presenter of the Year:
1. Liza Nelson-Miraya Fm
2. Kathern Baatiyo- Bakhita Radio
3. Aidah Khamis- Miraya Fm
4. Stella Rudaff – Liberty Fm
5. Susana Abok –Miraya Fm
6. Lucy Edward Jubara-Miraya Fm


Humanitarian Awards:
Mr. Valentino Achak Deng –Founder of VAD Foundation

Life Time Achievement Awards:
Former NBA Player Late Manut Bol

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