Jonglei Celebrates Inauguration Of Church, School, Health Centre

A Church Built in Makolchuei Boma, Bor County in Jonglei State by Businessman Ruben Kok Alat was named “Saint Luke” by the Bor Diocese Bishop during its inauguration last week together with a school and a primary health care facility.

Jonglei Celebrates Inauguration Of Church, School, Health Centre
The Makolchuei Community members pose for a photo outside the newly constructed church in Bor County [©Gurtong]

By Jacob Achiek Jok
BOR, 26th March2012 [Gurtong]

“The Church was built to support the Biong community in the county,” Bor Diocese Bishop Ruben Akurdit Ngong said.

According to the community chiefs, “the church building, school, and primary health care facility were Mr. Ruben Kok Alat’s plan to support the community especially our vulnerable children and women.

“Kok was born here and nobody assisted him in the construction of these facilities, there was no support from either the government or any agency,” Chief Malith Magok said.

Makolchuei is a Boma within Baidit Payam near Werkok which is now a county headquarter, and its 35 miles from Bor town.

The facilities built are part of the county development initiatives for future use. The community can now settle here and cultivate their farms while assured of a good school to accommodate their children in the village.

A blind boy only known as Makol was very happy about the newly constructed school in his village. Makol who is now in primary 6 used to learn oral English in Bor town but after hearing of the new school, he joined immediately.

Makol is determined to show a good example to others who are not willing to be educated. He wants his age mates to join and invest their future in education not in cattle rearing.

Other children in the State like Makol are under the care of Jonglei’s ministry of social development and child welfare which has low budget allocation.

The boarding school was part of the Bishop’s good gesture of communal responsibility and unity.

The county commissioner Mr. Maker Lual urged Biong community to return home to their Boma and contribute in its development. He said that the county administration will work closely with the school administration and support it where possible.

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