Sudan BRIDGE Program

Winrock International’s US Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Building Responsibility for Delivery of Government Services (BRIDGE) Program strengthens the ability of state and county governments in South Sudan to plan and deliver essential services and empowers communities to become active partners in their development and reconstruction. In addition to helping state and county governments set up and adopt key functional procedures and systems by building their skills and knowledge through training, Sudan BRIDGE also builds their technical skills through practical, on-the-ground implementation that facilitates the delivery of peace dividends. At the same time, South Sudan BRIDGE’s sector programs in Water and Sanitation, Education, and Agriculture put a practical face on the work of developing good governance at the state level and below. The Sudan BRIDGE integrated approach creates a model for success by addressing key service delivery areas while also building the skills and knowledge of government to deliver those essential services and promoting dialogue between government officials and communities. By building the ability of government to plan, design, and implement coherent services while simultaneously fostering mechanisms for citizen input and oversight, South Sudan BRIDGE serves as an important link in USAID’s overall strategy to transition efforts in South Sudan from relief to development.


1. Construct Payam Administrative Offices in Manlor and Aliek Payams, Warrap State  (Re-Advertisement)

2. Construction of Offices for Ministry of Labor (MLPSHRD) at Aweil, NBG State (Re-Advertisement)


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