South Sudan Talent Search Kicks Off With 23 Contestants

The Director of South Sudan Artists Association (SSAA), Mr. Lam Tungwar in conjunction with Vivacell Mobile operating company have stepped up a new talent search initiative to boost South Sudanese music industry.

South Sudan Talent Search Kicks Off With 23 Contestants
A group photo of young and upcoming South Sudanese artists after the press conference at Nyakuron Cultural Centre [©Gurtong/ Juma Stephen]

By Juma John Stephen

JUBA, 8th April 2012 [Gurtong] – Mr. Tungwar encouraged his fellow young and upcoming South Sudanese artists not to only view the event as an avenue just for fame or taking money home. “I have been in the music industry for 10 years struggling to represent my country but it’s hard. This talent search is to expose you and to tell the world that South Sudan has got talent,” Tungwar said.

“A live band is set to play as you perform for a few minutes on stage. Whatsoever you are doing should not be based on tribal lines but a competitive or individual performance,” he said.

The SSAA Executive Director Mr. Evans Maendeh said the main objective of Talent Search South Sudan (TSSS) 2012 is to indentify individual talents in singing and to nurture them through creation of a platform and opportunity in the music industry
The talent search was launched in late March 2012 at Nyakuron Cultural Centre with a total of 92 contestants competing for the 23 categories. The 19 male and 4 female promising musicians will be competing in a live broadcast in South Sudan Television every Saturday from 10:30 pm to 12:00 pm. TSSS will run for twelve episodes covering twelve weeks from the 12th April to early July 2012.

Talent Search South Sudan 2012 is being organized by South Sudan Artists Association, Talent 5 and exclusively sponsored by Vivacell mobile operating company in South Sudan. Vivacell will create SMS code 9595 whereby subscribers will vote for contestants of their choice to progress to the next round.

The charge for each SMS to 9595 is 0.12 piaster and there will be a reply for the SMS but the subscriber will not be charged for that reply. Vivacell will then collect the results of the vote and communicate to SSAA for eventual announcement to the public.

Three contestants will be on probation in every week for the 12 weeks and subscribers will vote to save one contestant. To keep a contestant the subscriber has to vote many times as possible.

“After the completion of the Talent Search South Sudan 2012 program, the three most talented artists will walk away with the prizes and other opportunities: The first winner will walk away with a cash prize of 15, 000 South Sudanese Pounds (SSP) and a full album recording deal with Iconic productions. Second winner will go with a cash prize of 8,000 SSP and a full album recording deal with Iconic productions. The 3rd winner will walk away with a cash prize of 5,000 SSP and a full album recording deal with Iconic productions,” Evans Maendeh confirmed.

The Vivacell Public Relations Officer and Human Resource Manager, Jago Adongjak said in order to make Talent Search South Sudan 2012 successful and to create public awareness, Vivacell will support the venture wholly.

“We believe in South Sudan and we must believe in its people; being a new nation, Vivacell must take up its corporate social responsibility,” he said.

“Vivacell will support the production and printing of advertising materials; T-Shirts, billboards, posters, flyers and banners among others. Vivacell will also send bulk SMS to all subscribers to ensure awareness on Talent Search South Sudan 2012,” Adongjak said.

There will be three independent panel of judges whose decision will be independently based on the voice talent, stage performances and general singing skills to ensure transparency. All judges are South Sudanese who will be introduced on the first day.

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