South Sudan Dismisses Coup D’état Claims

The government of South Sudan has dismissed reports that there has been a coup organized in the country in a bid to overthrow the current President Salva Kiir Mayardiit who was on a trip to China.

South Sudan Dismisses Coup D’état Claims
Thousands welcome President Salva kiir Mayardit at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum in Juba [©Gurtong/ Lopu Moses]

By Lopu Moses
JUBA, 28th April 2012 [Gurtong]

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the country’s Vice President yesterday afternoon told the public at the reception of President Salva Kiir at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum.

"I want to say that the claim by the media that there is a plot of Coup in South Sudan is propaganda in Khartoum,” he said. He rendered the allegation as baseless and that South Sudan is not a place for coup d’états.

Prior to Kiir’s return, international media houses claimed that the president had cut his trip to China short because of the alleged coup.

The Sudanese government had earlier warned that they would change the government in Juba something which the Minister of Information and Broadcasting had refuted arguing that it was not going to be possible.

Early this week, Dr. Barnaba Marial told reporters that Kiir’s journey to China is to send a message to Bashir that he is not scared of Bashir’s threats of changing his government.

Meanwhile the President said that he had the rumours and that it is not true. He confirmed to the public that these are mere claims and allegations.

He added that South Sudan hasn’t even taken a year and it is still too young to organize a coup.

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