South Sudanese Women Magazine To Be Launched

SHE SOUTH SUDAN, a new upcoming glossy fashion and content magazine for urban women to voice their issues is scheduled to be launched late this week according to its founder, Ms. Brigitte Sin.

South Sudanese Women Magazine To Be Launched
Ms. Brigitte Sin displaying a copy of the SHE SOUTH SUDAN in Juba [©Gurtong/ Waakhe Wudu]

By Waakhe Simon Wudu
JUBA, 8th April 2012 [Gurtong]

‘’SHE South Sudan’’ is the first magazine dedicated to women that aims to inform and educate its female readers. It will contribute in addressing the unheard problems of women in the South Sudanese society who play greater roles in factoring peace and development, Sin told Gurtong in an interview last Thursday.

“The aim of the magazine is to provide information on women needs which is taken for granted in societies with enough information; but which is lacking in South Sudan and also to entertain the young woman and to develop her,” Sin said.

“To make the young woman aware of her choices, to offer her opportunities and to make her grow,” Sin said.

Sin who has worked in the South Sudanese media fraternity since 2007 said that the media has paid little attention to address the problems of women who play key roles as peace activists, raising children and taking care of the family.

She pointed out that women’s basic problems are not being attended to in order to solicit maximum solutions and foster growth among them. This is the role Sin said SHE SOUTH SUDAN will be focusing on.

“For you to understand the big problem you need to understand the small problem,” she said. “When you raise a boy you raise a man, when you raise a girl you raise a community,” are some of the fundamental believes Sin said the magazine will be basing arguments to get rid of the culture in the infant nation which looks at women as inferior to men.

Being the first women magazine to be launched in South Sudan, SHE SOUTH SUDAN will mainly target urban women in South Sudan according to Sin and play the role of educating them on their rights, provide a platform for them to raise their voices and entertain the public.

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08/05/2012, 2:29 PM
 - Posted by Baraka Neema
Am so delighted and cant wait 2 grab my copy wen its out. So if i wanna attend the official Launch what do i have 2 do? Is it open to the ordinary South Sudanese women or its only for the creme of the society?

Thanks a bunch for Ms Brigitte for pulling together such a wonderful piece of work though i havent seen it i believe its worth reading.

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