Meeting Tasks Lou Nuer With Key Peace Role

A two-day peace and reconciliation conference for the Greater Akobo has ended in the Jonglei State capital Bor.

Meeting Tasks Lou Nuer With Key Peace Role
A pre-referendum peace procession in Jonglei State [Photo - file]

By Gabriel Mayom

BOR, 25 May 2012 [Gurtong] – The meeting was attended by over 250 members of Greater Akobo Counties leadership consisting of National Minister of Justice, Information and Broadcasting, Ministers of the state, members of both National Legislature and State Assembly, elders, representatives of women, youth and intellectuals. Jonglei State Governor also attended the meeting.

Jonglei State Deputy Governor who is also State Minister for Information and
Communication underscored the role of peace in attainment of development.

The meeting of the three counties of Nyirol, Uror and Akobo ended Thursday with a number of resolutions.

The meeting discussed reconciliation and peace-building among political leaders and the people of Greater Akobo, support for peace in the Greater Akobo and Jonglei state in general and development matters.

The meeting resolved among others, that the Greater Akobo community supports the President in his efforts to bring peace in South Sudan.

It also resolved to support and promote the resolutions and recommendations of the peace conference between the four communities of Greater Akobo, Bor, Fangak and Piborin Bor of Jonglei State held between 1st and 5th of May 2012.

The meeting further resolved to carry forward the process of reconciliation through conflict resolution process among all communities throughout the Greater Akobo counties including the Anuak community of Akobo.

It was also agreed that the Lou Nuer Council leads the process of developing the development agenda of Greater Akobo through State, County donations and community contributions.

At the meeting, the Lou Nuer community was tasked with coordinating and fostering peace and development amongst their citizens in the Greater Akobo.

The Lou Nuer Council was therefore asked to regular quarterly meetings to address the community’s urgent concerns.

“The meeting recommends that the Lou Nuer Council should frequently exert some pressure to the National and State relevant institutions to bolster and support the basic needs of the communities in the following areas: Security caused by community conflict, social and infrastructural development, education, health, food security, agriculture and clean water and high youth unemployment.

The Greater Akobo Community unanimously supported the ongoing disarmament but lamented that some minor attacks were still being carried out by Murle youth.

At the meeting, the Presbyterian Church Leadership was asked to fast track reconciliation in the church in Greater Akobo.

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