Abyei Community Says SAF Still in Area

The Abyei community in Juba has expressed concerns over the continued presence of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in the area.

By Waakhe Simon Wudu

JUBA, 05 June 2012 [Gurtong] - The Abyei Community Organization has strongly refuted Sudan and the United Nations reports that the forces have left the oil rich region.

“The invader, SAF, claim to withdraw from Abyei town was not true. But they have redeployed their forces in Kec (Difra), Langer, Goli and Alel”, Secretary of the Abyei Community Organization Deng Mading told the press in Juba.

He added that SAF cunningly informed the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNIFSA) that the remaining force comprises only 250 police officers.

“However, all of us know that SAF did not come with the police when it invaded Abyei on May 21st, 2011”, said Mading.

The Community has accused UNIFSA of biasness and demanded for its withdrawal from Abyei.

“We urge the United Nations Security Council to withdraw UNIFSA from Abyei and bring mixed forces from various countries to keep peace in the area”, said the community.

Sudanese authorities and the United Nations in Abyei last week reported the withdrawal of SAF from the area, a move that was boldly welcomed by the South Sudanese authorities who described it as “a sign of peace.”


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