South Sudan's Wau Salaam Thrashed by Rwanda’s APR

Rwanda’s APR demolished debutants South Sudan’s Wau Salaam 7-0 at the regional Council for East and Central African Football Associations (CECAFA) Kagame Cup in Dar es Salaam.

South Sudan's Wau Salaam Thrashed by Rwanda’s APR
Dejected South Sudan's Al Salaam Wau after loosing 7-0 to Rwanda's APR at the Cecafa, Saturday July 14, 2012. [Photo/BBC-Sport]

By Andrew Jackson Oryada

DAR ES SALAAM, 17 July 2012 [Gurtong]- APR netted three goals in the first half through St Preux Lionnel, Selemani Ndikumana and skipper Olivier Karekezi.

Running rings around the seemingly tired Wau Salaam players APR added four more goals after the interval with Lionnel and Ndikumana again getting other goals together with Mubumbyi Barnabe and Mugiraneza Jean Baptista.

APR's Dutch coach Ernest Brandy said it was good to win the first game of such a tournament, while his counterpart Sebit Bol Chol said although they lost by a big margin, his boys had played their hearts out.

The second game saw defending champions Young Africans of Tanzania fall 2-0 to Burundi’s Atletico with both goals scored by Didier Kavumbago.

Wau Salaam is the first club from South Sudan to participate in a competitive fixture overseas.

South Sudan celebrated its first anniversary of independence on 9 July 2012.

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