Yei Civil Hospital To Be Upgraded

Yei County Commissioner Juma David has assured authorities at the Yei Civil Hospital that the health facility will be upgraded with special rooms.

Yei Civil Hospital To Be Upgraded
Yei County Commissioner Juma David donating food and non- food items to mothers and children at Yei Civil Hospital during Martyrs day celebrations. [Gurtong/ Petia Suliman Loro]

Petia Suliman Loro

YEI, 31 July 2012 [Gurtong] – David said that the upgrade will ensure civil servants in the area receive treatment in the hospital rather than visiting private clinics.

“Our government workers should be cared for and treated by our doctors”, he said.

The Commissioner expressed concern over children dying of anemia in the area adding that there was need for a blood bank at the hospital.

The Commissioner was speaking at the hospital where he donated food and non -food items to children and mothers at the maternity ward at the hospital on Martyr’s day.

The items donated were purchased using cash donated by citizens at the Yei Freedom Square during yesterday’s Martyr’s day celebrations.

The items included boxes of washing soap, milk, sugar and water.

David said that most children suffering now are the children of the fallen soldiers who died during the liberation struggle.

Most of the orphans in the area lack better education, food, medication and housing.

He called upon all the citizens to contribute fully towards the support of the orphans.

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