Wrestling In Remembrance Of Independence Heroes

Former Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) battalion 104 beat battalion 105 in a tough wrestling match held Martyrs day.

Wrestling In Remembrance Of Independence Heroes
Thuang Areet of Battalion 104 wrestles Kon Alier of Battalion 105 at Bor on Martyrs day. [Gurtong/ Jacob AchiekJok]

By Jacob AchiekJok

BOR, 01 August 2012 – The leader of Battalion 104 Ngoth Jok said the wrestling was a remembrance of the former SPLA Martyrs and the two battalions of 104 and 105 who started the liberation struggle in 1983.

The State Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk said the cultural activities in the state will educate the youth on their heritage.

“All the cultural activities will be played at the new Freedom Square which is now well secure for wrestling, dancing and other types of activities”, he said.   

Kuot Wal from Battalion 105 was the first wrestler to throw down Madit Aluou of 104.

“The bringing down of Madit Aluou was a great shock to us because we were not suspecting anyone from 105 to wrestle him to the ground, it was just luck to them”, said Ateny Kuol of Battalion 105.

The Governor urged all the youths to use Saturdays as the day of promoting cultural activities in the state.

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