Murle Community Showcase Culture in Bor

The Jonglei State Ministry of Youth and Culture is planning to introduce a cultural day in the state to support and promote peace.

Murle Community Showcase Culture in Bor
Jonglei State Governor Kuol Manyang joins Murle youth in a cultural dance in Bor town during the Martyrs’ Day celebrations. [Gurtong |Jacob Achiek Jok]

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 02 August 2012 [Gurtong]– The State Youth and Culture Minister Baba Medan said his Ministry is trying to get enough funds to support and promote culture among the local communities.

“The Ministry will introduce a cultural day in the state because we want to encourage and unite all the ethnic groups in Jonglei State”, he said.

Minister Medan said their mission is to promote youth activities so that tribes learn about the different cultures in the area.

“The Murle are the majority in the state and they too can learn fromother smaller tribes in the state”, he said.

The Minister urged other communities considered few in the state like the Jie and Kachipo to also perform and showcase their culture.

In a historical moment, Murle youths showcased their cultural performance in Bor during the Martyrs’ Day celebrations in Bor.

“It is a first time in history for Murle to dance or show their performances in Bor, the state capital of Jonglei state, since the signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005”, said Medan.

The Minister condemned the recurrent clashes between the Dinka and Murle communities, saying it has impeded in the search for peace in the state.

A member of the Murle community Kaka Kukur, welcomed the decision to perform at Bor town adding that they are only a few of them at Bor but will always perform in peace when asked by the state.

“The Murle community has never tried to dance in Bor. This is an indication of the coming of peace among the local communities”, he said.
Medan said that the involvement of the youth in sporting activities will promote peace in the state.

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