This Is A Wrong Exit For Escape

An Open Letter To President Of South Sudan.

By Deng Bior Deng.

Dear Mr. President,

The pain of your Persistent accusation against the SPLMDC has reached into my bones; let me break the ice. I need to publicly answer you for the sake of clarification to our South Sudan public against which you intend to tarnish the image of our party; replies to public statements by President must also be public.

I hope you will get this public letter through your press secretary, assuming that you are always up dated about what is in the daily press.

Your martyrs day speech, 30th July 2012 accuses the SPLMDC of activities that promote tribalism ; you further referred to such activities as ideology of tribalism, reiterating it in what you call “divide and rule policy“. Mr. President, while throwing such stones against the SPLMDC, you don’t even tell the public what actual tribal activities you accuse the SPLMDC of; being always unspecific about your statements down plays your ability to lead this country. Not only that, but you are the real ideologue of tribalism; let me substantively break some ice as follows:-

1- The year 2009 when the celebration of 16th May was held under your auspices at Malakal was highly welcomed by all Upper Nile Citizens; you were highly revered. All the tribes of Upper Nile staged a happy procession to receive you in Malakal stadium; and out of their euphoria, the Dinka and the Shilluk tribes disagreed as to which was the original owner of the area of Malakal to lead the traditional Procession. Raw public emotions in such argument unfortunately led to physical confrontation between the two tribes; and a shoot out happened in your face. This shoot out escalated into Malakal town and it’s surrounding areas where the shilluks were dispersed or killed, their houses burned and property destroyed. Instead of intervening as a Government, you escalated it by accusing the shilluk tribe of Rebellion and use it  against the SPLMDC as a political Party, simply because the Chairman of our Party happened to be a Shilluk. Up to now, the shilluk tribe had been displaced from their land, and Your Government is unable to address their plight. Only in your time of leadership had such an incidence happened between these tribes since history. It is incumbent on your Government to Reconcile these tribes.

The same situation is happening in Lakes State between the Dinka and Jurbel and between the Mundari and the Dinka etc.

2- You were aware that the SPLMDC was prevented to have a political campaign in all the Dinka areas of greater Bahr Elghazal during the elections of 2010; and with your presence in Wau at that time, we were life threatened had it not been General Majak Agot who intervened for our rescue.

3- In one of your visits to the united states, you were asked by the lost boys why your Government was Reluctant to address the issue of cattle rustling between Murle tribe and Dinka Bor. Your answer was that Murle tribe would not listen unless they are fought. This must have been the reason for the escalation of tribal feuds between the tribes of Jonglei State in 2012.

4- Again, in one of your visits to the town of Yei, the Citizens complained about the issue of land Grabbing; you retorted to them that when the Arabs were occupying their land, they did not complain to the Arabs and now that they have been liberated, they want to send away those who liberated them. You were also quoted to have said to them that if they wanted their land, they must take it in the same way those grabbers liberated the land from the Arabs. True or not, this was a matter of public talk; you must have known through your informants.

5- Political parties are not and cannot be tribal organizations. In fact I don’t really understand when you always  make remarks about other Parties being tribal Parties; where did you get this theory Mr.President? Does the fact that a leader of a political party comes from one tribe justify the Party to belong to the tribe a leader comes from and therefore your SPLM party is a Dinka party?
I have a lot to say Mr. President, but all the same, you are our leader; let me take a breath. I had only wanted to advise you that the SPLMDC is a wrong exit for escape if you want to escape problems.

Deng Bior Deng.

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