Jiye Community Requests For A New County In Eastern Equatoria State

A community in Eastern Equatoria State has requested the state government to create for them a county.

Jiye Community Requests For A New County In Eastern Equatoria State
Jiye Community Representatives in a meeting with the Eastern Equatoria State

By Siro Silvio Ewak

TORIT, 21 August 2012 [Gurtong] – The Jiye community representatives presented their demands in a letter to Governor Louis Lobong Lojore in Torit.

In the meeting, the leaders stressed the lack of representation in both the state and national governments.

“We are not represented in both the National and the State government. We need to be included and represented at all government levels,” said the letter.

They said that they need to be included in the decision making and policy formulation at the state level.

They also complained about lack of basic health facilities in their area and urged the state government to repair the road network and make the area accessible.

The Jiye are approximately 90,000 and are now being counted as one of the ethnic groups in Pibor County.

The Jiye are an agro-pastoral community and they herd in a traditional mode of cattle, sheep and goats.

They engage in subsistence cultivation of sorghum and tobacco. They also practice transhumance, in search of water and pastures for their herds.

The Jiye are related to the Toposa and other Ateker groups (Turkana, Karamojong). This means that they share a common origin and could have broken away as a result of clan feuds.

Amongst the delegations that met the governor included Paramount Chief Paulino Lopuyo, Elder Cypriano Lonyangatom, and Women Representative Mary Cypriano.

 Elia Lomukuy and Joseph Lokwan represented the youth and students respectively.

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