South Sudan and Sudan Sign Deals To Renew Relationship

The leaders of Sudan and South Sudan signed deals on Thursday to secure their shared border and boost trade, which will restart crucial oil exports, but they failed to resolve other conflicts remaining after the South seceded last year.

The deal, reached after more than three weeks of negotiations, will throw both ailing economies a lifeline and prevent, for now, a resumption of the fighting that broke out along the border in April and nearly led to all-out war.

The leaders signed cooperation and trade deals to allow landlocked South Sudan to resume oil exports though Sudan, which will provide both ailing economies with foreign exchange.

South Sudan had in January shut down its entire output of 350,000 barrels a day after the countries argued about transit fees.

However, the two sides failed to settle the fate of at least five disputed, oil-producing regions along the 1,800 km (1,200 mile) border, despite pressure from the African Union, the United States and other Western powers.

But the lack of a permanent solution for the disputed regions will pose future risks to border security. Their fate may have to be settled through international arbitration.

Click Below for the details of the signed deals.

  1. Aggrement on Oil
  2. Nationals Aggreement
  3. Aggrement on Boarder Issues
  4. Aggrement on Certain Economic Matters
  5. Aggrement on banking
  6. Aggrement on Trade
  7. Aggrement on Post service Benefits
  8. Aggrement on Security Arrangements
  9. The Cooperation Aggrement
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