Kenya-Sudan border has opened after two-day closure

One security personnel said that it was almost leading to an escalation of conflict between the Kenyan and South Sudanese armies but for the efforts of local leaders.

SPLA minister says South Sudan not concerned by hijacked weapons

By Lokale Nakimangole
TORIT, July 14 (Gurtong) – The Nadapal-Lokichogio gate in the Kenya-South Sudan border has now re-opened after two days of closure. A Government of Southern Sudan official told Gurtong that a misunderstanding had led local officials from both sides to shut down the border.

Some eighty trucks banked up rushed through the border into Kenya on Monday.

Cirino Hiteng, the Undersecretary for the Ministry of Regional Cooperation said that Juba and Nairobi had had no hand in the closure.

Southern traders’ vehicles were first stopped on the Lokichoggio border by Kenyan police because they were carrying guns that they claimed were for self-protection, he said. “When you go to another person’s territory you cannot carry guns. This caused a misunderstanding and the Kenyan police called in the army,” Hiteng said. “The police blocked them.”

Local authorities in Nadapal area of Eastern Equatoria then closed the border in retaliation.  

“South Sudanese and Kenyan army almost on war. … Heavy forces from both sides arrived pointing guns at each other. … but later the conflict deescalated,” one Kenyan businessman described.

EES Acting Governor George Echom said that banditry acts have been recurring issue for the Nadapal-Lokichogio road.
The incidence has hampered the transaction of goods and services or free movement of people and goods and services for the last past few days between the two countries.

"But I believe after such a colourful reconciliation between EES Governement and Kenyan Government held on Saturday12. Thing has now gone down or have cooled," Echom said.

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