Obama Victory Restores Hopes Of South Sudanese Americans

President Barack Obama’s winning a second term of office has restored hopes of South Sudanese-Americans who feared the worst had Mitt Romney won the Tuesday elections.

Obama Victory Restores Hopes Of South Sudanese Americans
Amira Ali, her family and other South Sudanese Americans anxiously waiting for the results on Tuesday this week. [Amira Ali]

By James Deng Dimo

Wau-8 November 2012 [Gurtong]-South Sudanese in living in Florida jubilantly celebrated Obama’s victory on Tuesday night, saying they were considering returning home if Romney won the elections.

A South Sudan-American citizen in Florida State Amira Ali told Gurtong that they including children did not sleep as the whole world waited the results.

“There was fear that if Obama failed to win the presidential election, then millions of black African migrants will not be recognized,” said Amira.

“I and my family were thinking of returning to South Sudan if president Obama failed to be re-elected. Across the continent, all South Sudanese-Americans living in the United State voted for Obama”. 

She said hopes and wills of South Sudanese living in America have been restored as Obama is back for a four year term of office.
During the long years of war with Khartoum, many South Sudanese sought refuge in the US and some have become citizens there.

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