Sim Card Registrations Kickoff

The Vivacell Telecom mobile phone subscribers are currently registering their Sim cards with the company in Yei County. According to Catherine Sekita, the company branch coordinator, a good number of subscribers are turning up to register their sim cards.

Sim Card Registrations Kickoff
Vivacell subscriber’s line up for registration in Yei. [Petia Suliman Loro]

By Petia Suliman Loro

YEI, 16 November 2012 [Gurtong] – The customers who don’t have passports, Nationality Identifications, Official IDs, or Referendum Voter s’ cards are referred to their respective areas chiefs, headmen or the county executive director to give them a recommendation letter before they are registered.

She added that some of the customers do not know their personal details which force the company to estimate their age.

Catherine also said that some of the customers do not know their states, county, payam and Boma.

During the registration, the disadvantaged groups of people like the Disabled, pregnant women mothers and aged people who cannot stand for long on the line are given first priority to register their sim card.

The registration centre also has few staff where only one staff handling the registration which tends to take long due to the large number of customers.

Subscribers said it is a good decision taken by the government to register all the sim cards in the country.

There are four mobile operating companies operating in Yei County including Viva cell, Gemtel, MTN and Zain, but with limited customers’ care centers.

Last week, South Sudan’s Ministry of Telecommunication and Postal Services gave all the telephone subscribers time to register all sim cards with their telecom service providers by December 31.

According to the Ministry’s Undersecretary Juma Stephen, those who did not register will be blocked from accessing the services.

In previous months, the Ministry had explained the move for the registration was reached last year by the National Council of Ministers before the South Sudan’s independence.

However, it has not been implemented as a result of the process separating the networks from Khartoum to independently manage sections in South Sudan.

The Undersecretary said registration of the cards is aimed at improving security and regulating unnecessary public utterances by the telephone users in the country.

Juma said there have been many complaints raised to the Ministry by mobile owners of receiving death threats, abuses and insults on telephones which is difficult to control unless the cards are registered.

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