Church Prepares for Centenary Celebrations

The Western Equatoria State Governor Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro together with the Tambura Yambio Diocese Bishop Eduardo Hiboro have urged all citizens to attend the forth coming centenary celebration at Mopai.

Church Prepares for Centenary Celebrations
Bishop Munde Peter and Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro at a past event. [Gurtong | File]

By Joseph Nashion

YAMBIO, 17 November 2012 [Gurtong]- The governor invited the all Christians, government officials and other dignitaries from different denominations to attend the celebration to mark 100 years of the church in Western Equatoria State.

He said as government it is important to join hands together with church in planning and preparing towards that big occasion.

The Diocese of Tombura, approximately 120 kilometers from Yambio, will be celebrating 100 years of the Christian faith on 12 December 2012.

Comboni missionaries arrived in December 1912 to start evangelisation in Western Equatoria State. The cross is planned to tour all parishes from Maridi to Tombura through Yambio and finally Mupoi Parish, the venue for the celebrations

He said the security arrangement is going very well and urged for the national government and all well wisher to support adding that the church played a role in educating most of the current government officials and it plays a moral part in everyone.

The council of ministers on Monday passed a resolution forming a committee headed by the state Deputy Governor Sapana Abui to help the church in planning for the celebrations.

They welcome contribution from friends, well wishers, Christians and non Christians to contribute in either, cash, food, transport or any means that will help the event succeed.

Bishop Eduardo said the occasion remind Christians of how far they have come and how far they are going.

He disclosed that the occasion is historical and special and it has many reasons for gratitude to celebrate it. 

“With the arrival of the Christian faith things change, many have been touched spiritually, many minds changed, peace and development prevailed due to the civilization the church brought,” said the Bishop.

He said people had always suffered slavery and many more atrocities before the arrival of the church in the state.
The church in Western Equatoria State is second to celebrate the one hundred years after Western Bahr el Ghazal state where the catholic faith first arrived.

Mupoi is under Tambura County which has been chosen for the celebration because that was the first centre where the faith pioneers arrived and begun to spread.

The two leaders disclosed that a number of foreign churches from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and top government dignitaries including the President of the Republic of South Sudan are expected to attend the celebrations.

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