Reconciliation Workshop Held as Key Participants Boycott Talks

Morobo County Commissioner, Moses Simon Soro, has officially opened the four days reconciliation workshop initiated by the County Council in conjunction with Reconcile International to bring land lords from Lujule and Gulumbi together as they have had a protracted land dispute.

By Petia Suliman Loro

MOROBO, 28 November 2012, [Gurtong] -  The Commissioner has advised the participants to negotiate in harmony and with a good spirit to reach a permanent solution.

The Commissioner also said that, “Land should not divide people in the County because we are one people and we should learn to leave together.”

Soro called upon the people of Morobo County to remain peaceful and united and urged the participants to conduct the workshop in a positive manner for the betterment of the entire population of Morobo County.

According to the facilitator of the workshop, Mr. John Khamis Moju, the workshop is aimed at enhancing harmonious relation on land dispute among the conflicting communities of Gulumbi payam and Lujulo payam for a peaceful coexistence.

He said the workshop further aims at empowering the local community leaders with knowledge and skills to resolve community violence at the grass root level.

James Kenyi the County Council Speaker said, the dispute started in May 2012 and the situation was not relatively peaceful but the situation is calm at the moment.

He said, the direct people involved in the dispute did not turn for the workshop today due to unknown reasons, but the problem among them is solved.

Chief Alex Taban of Kindi Boma, Gulumbi Payam, who is direct on the administration of the area, advised the communities in the disputed area to be honest and abide by the administration of the Boma.

He pointed out that, the main cause of the dispute is because of administrative matters, where those people residing in that particular area are insisting they are not part of Kindi boma in Gulumbi payam, but instead they want to be part of Yugufe boma in Lujulo payam yet in a historical land of Gulumbi Payam.

The payam Chief of Lujulo Payam, Mr. Felix Luate, said, though the direct disputing communities did not turn, arrangements are made to meet them and foster the good relationships.

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