Initial Investigations Indicate Assassination of Journalist - Minister

South Sudanese government spokesperson said that initial investigations into the killing of the South Sudanese journalist, Isaiah Abraham indicate that it was an assassination.

By Waakhe Simon Wudu

JUBA, 08 December 2012 [Gurtong] - President Salva Kiir Mayardit had ordered for investigations into the killing of the journalist in Juba.
Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin also Information and Broadcasting Minister told press yesterday that the South Sudanese Interior Minister had briefed the National Council of Ministers on the progress of the investigations into the murder.

“The Deputy Minister of Interior has today [Friday] briefed the Council that the investigations have started and they suspect 70% to be assassination,” Dr. Marial said after the Council of Ministers meeting yesterday.

“There is going to be continuous investigations by the Ministry of interior, Minister of National Security and Minister of Defense,” he added.

He said the Council of Ministers expressed with deep condolences the killing of Isaiah Abraham ( Diing Chan Wol) describing the act “barbaric.”, adding it socked the government leadership.

Isaiah, a former United Nations and government official in the 1990s was reported to have been shot dead by unknown group of gunmen mid this week in his residence in Juba.

The United Nations has condemned his killing. Government yesterday welcomed the condemnation of the UN on the matter.

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08/12/2012, 8:42 PM
 - Posted by Deng Deng
Let us hope there is seriousness.
09/12/2012, 8:37 AM
 - Posted by Deng Duot
Why Will the Killer (s) of Isaiah Abraham be very hard to find?


In any political environment there is always and there will be apolitical assassins that tend to occur in every day live. The tragic death of Isaiah Abraham is a political assassination and it is going to be very difficult or harder to find his assassins because it’s politically motivated. According to history, there had been great politicians with other popular persons beside being assassinated in the past around the world like Abraham Lincoln of United States of American, John F Kennedy of USA, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who was gun down in Lorranne hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, Patrice Emery Lumumba of Congo, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan and civil right activist and revolutionary leader Malcolm X. Likewise Isaiah Abraham was also assassinated in juba Capital in the early of hours of Wednesday morning local time. These men are victim of political assassination including Isaiah Abraham.
What is common from this list of those few people that I have mentioned is they are politicians. They were killed by their own people or assassinated. Lumumba of Congo was executed by the Congolese military which hade the backup support from the Belgium government and the CIA of the United States of America. This is evidence because the Belgian government apologized to the Congolese people in February 2002, the Belgian government admitted to a moral responsibility and overwhelming portion of responsibility in even that led to the death of Lumumba. It is also demonstrated that the American intelligence agency of CIA was working really hard to poison him using toothpaste even though it did failed.

In the same manner, Mr. Malcolm X death was also planned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation knows as (FBI). The FBI agency employed Malcolm X assassins to provide them information. At the end the killed him and they has been no single person held accountable for the killing of this high profile Africa-American revolutionary leader of those days. In the addition to that, the Malcolm X assassin was on FBI payroll for quiet while. The same scenario had happened to Dr. Martin Luther King who was assassinated by what common is known by African-American as 10 cent white man killing millions black man. It was designed and planned by the authorities at the time. On the one hand, Benazir Bhutto was shot death while campaigning to be elected to the office in 2007. This conspiracy of high precisely killing of vital people involved authority behind.

As I have given the past history of assassinated people that it’s really harder to clearly understood or find the bottom line why the killed such important persons. Such a typical killing like one of Isaiah Abraham case is very organized crime that cannot be committed by cheap person. For example, how did we call tragic deaths of late Dr. John Garang De Mabior? Some people might believe it was an accident but I doubt, it was not an accident. His death was political assassination that when beyond African capacity. Look the former chairman of Southern Assembly plus others were selected to investigate his death. However, the never reported back to us as people who are waiting for their finding. These have let me to appeal my hypothesis that the death of Isaiah Abraham is one of those political assassinations. I think some of my readers will question me that Dr. Garang dead is a bit different with Isaiah Abraham. But I can ensure you that Late Garang death was organized in foreign land. While Isaiah Abraham death is within the ground rule of South Sudan. I have a lot of things to justified or said in relative to this horrified death that has caused many concerns for South Sudanese around the entire earth. As I see many concerns on publics social network/forum for instead like Facebook.
In this situation, many people including me myself made little statement about the future of this nation call South Sudan. From this perspective I strongly believe there are a lot questions running in everyone mind which need to be ask. We deserve answers from the current authority.

As I was one the people who heard the tragic news of Isaiah Abraham locally recognize by his parents, relatives and friends as Diing Chan Awuol., that there was operation in juba which had been carried out and conducted professionally to take away Isaiah Abraham lives from us forever. This raid that killed Isaiah Abraham was short in sized during the actual maneuver task but it has caused some dynamic concerned about the Generals turned politicians governing system. Personally I am a person who sometime gives my opinions about the way our current government in all levels across South Sudan are doing thing or governing the Country. I am really surprised of who is doing what? And what role is the government of Generals actually playing. This change game is not providing us with what we fought for all those years. Yet, we are not getting what we hope to find as results of going to the scrubland.

What is more, who are the current trouble makers in South Sudan? Is ‘it the current police, the South Sudan Army common known as Sudan People Liberation Army refer to as SPLA? Or is it the National Security. Or finally is it insufficient individuals’ who their duties are to kill people house to house in South Sudan capital juba every night. It is really excruciatingly and unbreakable for people like me to believe that the war of liberation that started 1955 finished in 2005 when the CPA was signed would end up in this dreadful way. What was all those years war all about? My answer(s) is short and sample, for basic human right freedom, like freedom of expression, not being torture without good judgment, there was meant and hope to have rule of law be in place. That why the minister of justice was established plus other court systems. There has to be stage people who committed crime have to go through without killing. If we looked at Western world today the said fighting is the last resort even still they tend to break it sometime. The same to South Sudan, killing should be the last alternative if the crime is so high which would not keep a criminal who committed in jail for life. Conversely, Isaiah Abraham was the victim of no crime he had committed accept tell our government that they are not doing enough job to satisfied their Citizens.
Therefore, night killing of high profile persons would have been left in Khartoum and other local towns in the Republic of South Sudan. I contemplate we would have not killed ourselves in these heartbreaking way. I also deliberate think there is no solitary different now with the Arab in North if we killed ourselves the same modus as Northern police, Army and spy did to our people in all those years when we were still under united Country. I can say we are way behind and will remain way behind as South Sudanese in many angles. For examples, people like Isaiah Abraham who has the brain, the knowledge and critical thinking; we need them in this crucial time for the good of our beloved nation of South Sudan. He did his part like others who have contributed to this struggle movement since it was formed in 1983. Late Isaiah Abraham I can term him as Nationalist who likes to contemporaneous other who does not have capacity to speak out. He was hoping to change something from the current system. Even though the cause of his death is not established yet nor it will not one day be found to fulfill my feeling.

Substantially, we the brothers, sisters and friends of the same nation are hoping to find his killer (s) and bring them to justice so we can really understood the motivation of his killing. I never know that the current government would eliminate top officers like Isaiah Abraham and exceedingly educated people in such a way. The building of any nation is it resources. And who are the resources of the nation? The can be natural resources such Gold, Iron ore, oil and many more. Also there is human capital or resources. Isaiah Abraham was human capital or assets to South Sudan according to what he has done and what he was willing to do for the benefit of his Country.

Every culture in this world have it owns aspects, but what is common across cultures in the whole world? Is that parent usually told good and bad things to their children in order to be better mature up children (e). This is equally important in a political reality; criticism of the government is like parents telling their kids what is good or bad so they can be well propagate kids.

Now what type of Country are we if we eradicate our bravery men like Isaiah Abraham. Many people assumed including me that we had learned through experienced went important person like late, Judge Martin Majier, Thon Ayii Jok, Makure Aleiyou were murdered in cold blood in political environment without even full justification of what they have done wrong. I think the same person in charged now was in charged at time when this gallantry men lives was significantly taken away from us. I am not interested to bring the past back but indicating what they have done previously was very wrong.
Does this current system care about the future of this nation or is it about the time being?
Subsequently, the future of South Sudan is very hard to determine why because if the assassinated their own party member, who stand behind them since founding of the SPLA/M movement. He had never been accused of disagreeing with them. He works for them and giving his opinions based on current issues facing the nation. In the end, the killed him in cold bloods what about others who are in the opposition parties? No question the will liquidate them without being question by any chance. The said in one of the scientific principle it had been known that nails became hot when hammered into a piece of wood. The death of Isaiah Abraham is equally the scientific explanation. Furthermore, this has led to so many to believe the current administration is only carrying for what is going into their compartments instead of public interest.

In the last few days, many government officials such the Police Spokesman, Inspector General of the police Acuil Tito Madut and the current president of the Republic of South Sudan has promised the entire publics that the will make thorough investigation into the death of political commentary Isaiah Abraham. This has been always the statement produce by high authority in any form like this. I have no hope of finding final conclusion will positive fallouts. In saying so, assassination is always complicated to find out the real killer/s so they can rationalize the actions in good conviction.

Alternatively, it is the duty of care for writers who are left behind by Isaiah Abraham to choose to write and get negative assurance by the current system if not possibly change in the upcoming general election. We as people who gave our opinions need to make good verdict whether to continuous contribute or not. Or did we need to stop because they got Isaiah Abraham. Who is else they are not going to get? No one the will get us all in the same shoes Isaiah Abraham had goes through. I said it clearly, there would be no concrete finding and justice will never be done in this uncontrolled state of South Sudan. Every single institution is in impractical location whereby there are no independence policies without being applied by the Generals on top of everything. I did not want our well founded nation of South Sudan to go into international sense as a country that is well known for killing her all innocents’ people. We are already identifiable as fail states that does not meet the UN mediate. These behaviors are very unacceptable in international level like human right groups. This is evident due to their acclamation in the entire South Sudanese media website.

In my conclusion, the killer/s of Isaiah Abraham will never be convicted. The justice will never be done to please me as individuals. Justice had never been done in a full by other nations like United States and other European countries who are very advanced in in term of finding criminal. Also, in other part of the World like Japan, china and so on. The have designed, planned it and said the will make investigated it. While in my knowledge the will never provide us with full explanation. This is high tech organized crime by the authority of South Sudan especially the intelligent inner circle. Let make some move in correcting the wrong doing things and go forward to transformed the lives of our society in positive manners then causing this unforgettable incident. Isaiah Abraham you will rest in peace. God shall be always with you

Regard. By DENG DUOT DENG (Deng-Ajith)

Deng Duot Deng is a South Sudanese. He is residing in Australia, state of Queensland. He can be reached at email,

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