Government Donates To Acholi Dancers

The government has announced a donation of 10,000 South Sudanese pounds to Mega Independent, an Acholi traditional dance group as part of promoting cultural activities in the new nation.

Government Donates To Acholi Dancers
Acholi dancers entertaining guests in Western Australia 2011. [Gurtong | File]

By Misuk Moses Mule

JUBA, 14 December 2012 [Gurtong] - The Deputy Minister of Health, Dr, Yata Lugor announced the donation on behalf of the vice president who was supposed to grace the occasion.

“We are donating 10,000 South Sudanese Pounds to the group,” he announced.

He added that South Sudan is rich in the culture especially when it comes to dancing.

Speaking to Gurtong in an interview after the donation, the manager of the team Mr. Otim David said that they have many challenges that the money will partly help in addressing.

Otim said that they pay the fees of the kids who are committed in the group including medical bills and feeding for those staying with him.

The manager said he pays about twenty members of the group that is composed of over sixty people.

He says that he has bought enough books for the children to read and that they train three times a week with every Friday being a debate day.

Otim also says he and other students from Juba university help in giving extra teaching to the children in an effort to supplement the knowledge they get from class.

He also told Gurtong that the group is composed of members from different tribes in the country since their motto is “culture for peace” adding that through culture and music, it brings people together.

Nevertheless, he calls upon all those interested in joining the group to come and that they will welcome everyone regardless of tribes.

Formed in early 2011, he says their aim was to focus on bringing the people together to ensure that the independence was achieved and that is why they call it Mega Independent.

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