Youth Urged to Broaden Skills

South Sudanese intellectuals have urged the youth to broaden their skills for independent sustainability and should also be responsible of their lives.

By Waakhe Simon Wudu

JUBA, 19 December 2012 [Gurtong] - Hon. Steven Wondu, the former Sudanese Ambassador to the US and Japan spoke while addressing Kajokeji Youth Assembly in Juba.

The youths had convened to intensify efforts of figuring out on best approaches to address challenges facing them.

“As an individual make sure you have for yourself necessary skills,” Wondu told the youths.

“I’m saying if you are the only dentist in the town the king will even be the one looking for you,” he added.

Steven Wondu who is the current South Sudan Auditor General appointed by President  Salva Kiir had urged the youth to build up talents they have in their particular areas of specialization, pointing out agriculture, business, and those specializing in other courses like medicine and nursing.

He emphasized for youths to upgrade themselves into high levels in their areas of specialization and also called youths to be role models to the young ones.

He had called youth to also be responsible of their health, referring to be preventive from the pandemic HIV/AIDS pandemic.

He called for the youths to explore all necessary grounds to reinforce their professionalism on the different fields, saying they are potent of change to the current globalizing world.

Wondu’s address was lauded by the youth.

In another key remarks to the youth, Hon. Scopas Taban Lokabang has called the youth to be organized, unite and work together, stressing they have a crucial obligation to contribute in building the infant nation.

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