South Sudanese Returnee From Australia Ready To Build His Nation

Madol Anyang Kur, a South Sudanese citizen who returned from Australia urges his fellow countrymen still living in Australia as refugees to come back and develop their home country to greater heights.

South Sudanese Returnee From Australia Ready To Serve His Nation
Madol Anyang left South Sudan in 1995 as First Lieutenant of the Sudan People Liberation Army during the civil war. [Jacob Achiek Jok]

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 27 December 2012 [Gurtong] –Madol Migrated to Australia for treatment in 2003 and registered as an Australian citizen to sustain his family.

 “Though there are austerity measures of shutting down of the oil in the country there is no an employments and people are sustaining the staff that are already in the systems. I will just serve if there are chances of serving the nation I will just serve my nation why not now to serve my nation while I was serving the nation during the war time without salaries,” Madol Anyang said.

He said there are no specific qualifications needed to get a job in government but sometimes the government has its own policies and with this regard no South Sudanese is employed in the Australian government except in the private factories.

Madol says that he was not an able to work in the factory because of his disability.

He says that the education in Australia is subsidized and after finishing your studies you can join the labour industry and pay back the money used for studies.

According to Madol, those who are an able to work have social welfare which can sustain them like other officials in the government and he hopes that South Sudan be like Australia in coming future if the returnees come back to develop the new nation. 

“Although there are some importance things in Australia our country will some time become better then Australia if we come back for the development of our nation South Sudan,” he said.

He urged those who are jobless abroad to come back and rebuild the nation and realise the changes expected instead of being referred to as refugees in other countries.

He urges his South Sudanese to be cooperative and take part in building their nation so that they can compare it to others countries in the world.

While still in South Sudan, Madol said he was working with the wounded heroes in Internal Displace Camps (IDP) at Ame and Lobone.

Madol left South Sudan in 1995 as First Lieutenant of the Sudan People Liberation Army during the war.

 “The injuries were serious so there I was transferred to Kakuma Kenya for further treatment and I stayed in Kakuma till I joined teaching as the teacher of Red Army,” he said.

He had sustained injuries on the shoulder and later joined a microenterprise course.

“I sustained the injuries in my shoulder and I couldn’t write on the blackboard, I joined microenterprise course and I was working with Microenterprise International Red Cross (IRC) in Kakuma as an accountant,” Madol said.

He said his contribution toward the liberation was not effective due to the injuries and he moved to Australia for treatment.
“I went for the process through United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) so that I can get treatment. My contribution toward liberation was not effective,” he said.

He said his qualifications could not get him a job while in Australia and was leaving on social welfare and studied and obtained a degree in Commerce and Finance and later decided to return back to South Sudan.

He wants to participate in development like other returnees.

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