Youth Leader Advocates For Diaspora Youth To Return Home

Kamilo Ariyo, a resident of Torit is advocating for his fellow Eastern Equatoria State citizens still living in the Diaspora across the globe to come home in order to contribute in the development of the new nation.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole
TORIT, 03 January 2013 [Gurtong] –
 Mr. Kamilo leads a local Civil Society organization known as South Sudan Eastern Equatoria Students Association (SSEES), also commonly known as Dotcom group has pleaded to his fellow country’s mates that they should by now come and collectively develop their new nation.

Mr. Kamilo who also works for CHF International as Accountant in the country challenged his fellow country mates to join other colleagues who have already returned from abroad.
He says that it is not good for the citizens to remain as refugees in different countries when they can take up opportunities in South Sudan and contribute toward the development of the country.
He urges his South Sudanese to be cooperative and take part in building their nation so that they can compare it to others countries in the world.

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