Elders Urge Youth To Preserve Karec Culture

A popular traditional Uyanga Folklore from Karec tribe in Raga County has urged the local communities to maintain and stand firm in protecting their cultural heritage against erosion by the Western lifestyles as is happening with most Western Bahr el Ghazal state customs.

Elders Urge Youth To Preserve Karec Culture
A group of Uyanga popular folklore dancers display their culture at the state Ministry of Agriculture in Wau. [James Deng Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo
WAU, 12 January 2013[Gurtong] –
 The traditional group leader, Mr. Mathar Upensia Bandas said that Karec tribe from Boro Madina in Raga County formed the group in 2008 and was named Uyanga Folklore aimed at protecting the Karec traditional culture.

 “We need our young generation not to forget their cultural heritage as many cultures from west are trying to influence on other people in the world”, said Bandas.

 “Those children who were now born in the towns do not know their cultures, therefore, this is time for us to continue practicing our culture and show them,” he said.
Bandas urged the state government to officially organize weekly traditional shows on weekends so that the young generation can learn about their heritage to be shared with the future generations.
He said providing a weekly traditional show will create a peace due to the interaction between different tribes to create harmony in the state.
 “I am very happy to say that our traditional dance is very interesting since many people do enjoy it whenever we perform in any public places,” said Bandas.
Before insecurity started last year in Wau, local communities in Wau hosted traditional shows at new Freedom Square.

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