Calm Returns to Pibor County After Sunday Clash

Pibor County Commissioner, Joshua Konyi Irer has said that calm has returned to Pibor County and urged the Members of Parliament, civil societies and state government to continue with peace efforts in the county.

Calm Returns to Pibor County After Sunday Clash
L-R: Pibor County Commissioner Joshua Konyi Irer and Bor County Commissioner Agot Alier Leek during a meeting in October 2012. [Gurtong | File]

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 30 January 2013 [Gurtong] –Irer said that the forces of James Kubrin Ngere ran into the bush after they clashed with Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) force in Pibor town on Sunday.

The commissioner said that civil societies groups are willing to continue with the peace process to convince the rebels to surrender.

The commissioner said Kubrin left Pibor town and is said to have crossed to the Ban River side after his guards clashed with the SPLA leading to the death of four people in Pibor town.

The clash happened when the James Kubirin Ngere went to the market armed which is against rules and the SPLA officers had intervened leading to the clash.

Kubirin had surrendered in December following the ongoing process in which they were ready to be integrated in to the SPLA army forces after the process is completed.

It was reported that two thousand people were forced to flee to a U.N. base after the battle.

South Sudan won independence from Sudan in 2011 but the government has been struggling to assert control over an impoverished country that is full of weapons after decades of civil war with the north.

South Sudan's civil war with Sudan ended with a 2005 peace deal which paved the way for secession. Rebel and inter-ethnic violence is hindering government plans to explore a vast oil concession block with the help of French firm Total.

In Jonglei, there has been a cycle of revenge killings between the Murle and Lou Nuer tribes, often provoked by cattle raids. More than 1,500 people have been killed in the clashes since South Sudan's independence, according to the United Nations.

South Sudan accuses Sudan of supplying Yau Yau's rebels with weapons, an allegation denied by Khartoum. 

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