SIM Card Registration Deadline Leaves Some Subscribers Out

As the deadline for the Sim card registration cames to an end today, many residents in Western Equatoria State could have been locked out of the process because they did not turn up on time to register as announced by the national government.

SIM Card Registration Deadline Leaves Some Subscribers Out
Vivacell subscribers turn up for registration at the Yambio centre. [Joseph Nashion]

By Joseph Nashion

YAMBIO, 31 January 2013 [Gurtong] – Emmanuel Bashir, the Sale Acting Coordinator said that Yambio registered thousands of subscribers even though they had a shortage of registration forms at the start which had delayed the process.

He said that the majority of the residents did not have valid documents and were affected.

According to David Night, Vivacell’s Subscriber, the registration process was not satisfactory because most subscribers had to walk for long distances to register their SIM cards which resulted to reluctance.

“On my point of view, Vivacell could have spread their promoters to register people’s cards, or they would have taken the services closer to the people since the government says service should be taken closer to the community,” he said.

He appealed to the companies and the government to extend the days for the registration because most people have not registered their Sim cards.

The State Information and Telecommunication Minister, Howard Kisanga said he received information from the commercial manager of one of the telecom companies saying organized forces have not registered their cards and the companies have to visit in their camps to carry out the process.

He said he is waiting for a confirmation from the national on whether there should be an extension to enable all the subscribers to register.

The national government ordered all mobile operators in the country to register all the subscribers by 31 January 2013.

Many subscribers have blamed accessibility to the registration centres as having hindered them to travel to the main town.
South Sudan’s Ministry of Telecommunication and Postal Services gave all the telephone subscribers time to register all sim cards with their telecom service providers.
Those who do not register their Simcards will be blocked from accessing the services.
The move to register was reached in 2011 by the National Council of Ministers before the South Sudan’s independence.
However, it has not been implemented as a result of the process separating the networks from Khartoum to independently manage sections in South Sudan.
The registration of the cards is aimed at curbing crimes perpetrated using mobile phones, improving security and regulating unnecessary public utterances by the telephone users in the country.
There have been complaints raised to the ministry by mobile owners of receiving death threats, abuses and insults on telephones which is difficult to control unless the cards are registered.

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