A 14-Year-Old Dies Of Gang-Rape Injuries

A 14-year-old girl died of injuries inflicted during a rape ordeal by unknown group of armed men on Tuesday night in Wulu County, Lakes State.

By Gabriel Mayom

RUMBEK, 07 February 2013 [Gurtong] - Wulu County Commissioner Ezekiel Thiang Mangar said that those who raped the 14 year old girl are still at large and security agents have been instructed to probe the crime.

“According to hospital report indicated that she was raped. Rape happened inside Wulu town, this girl was having mental problem and she use to desert the house. She was found in the morning dead and people who raped her are unknown because [the] rape occurred at 3 am,” she said.

The Lakes State Caretaker Governor Major General Matur Chut Dhuol recently visited Wulu County where he urged the communities to be vigilant and avoid engaging in criminal activities.

The rape incident happened at the time when the governor was on a tour in the county and he instructed the authorities to carryout thorough investigation.

Wulu County is the considered the most peaceful county in Lakes State and this was the first time a rape case has been reported in the county. 

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