Minister Urges Residents To Remain Peaceful During Valentine’s Day Celebrations

The Upper Nile Information Minister Jiben Ogal has urged couples to bring peace to their families through sharing of positive ideas during Valentine’s Day celebrations.

By Jok P Mayom

MALAKAL, 14 February 2013 [Gurtong] - “My message to all the people of Upper Nile state and the people of the Republic of South Sudan is that, we should try to bring peace to our families during this festive season of Valentine Day,” said Jiben.

“This festive season is an important day which needs all the families that were not in cooperation and understanding to come together and memorize their love,”Jiben added.

Jiben urges citizens to be patient with government and avoid taking of alcohol during the celebrations.

“Good families are the families that stay in harmony, respect, love, kindness, forgiveness and amongst others,” said Jiben.

He said children go on the streets because of not being taken care of and even women develop hatred with family members but they should resolve their differences and become one at this time

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