Valentine’s Day Celebrated In Torit

Valentine’s Day celebrations were observed throughout the night in Torit, the state capital of Eastern Equatoria State.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 15 February 2013 [Gurtong]
– Couples thronged entertainment spots to share their love with many attending the musical concert by Original Ras Korby Hingera in Torit.

Hingera appealed to the local South Sudanese musicians to use their musical talent to advocate for peace and reconciliation in the country.

He said musicians can make peace among South Sudanese as it is possible.

His visit to Torit has coincided with the Valentine’s Day celebrations and the musician says that the new country has great potential in the music industry where the youth can appropriately make use of it to bring peace to the country.

“We want truly to be example as the new nation; we have great potentials in us. We can bring out them now. Time has come for to look back and reunite ourselves. Gone are those days when Arabs sit on our heads. Now we are proudly alone, independent citizens in our own sovereign country. Let us work hard to protect our national integrity. This could only be realized when there is genuine unity in us and among us. We can truthfully even strongly protect our country against any foreign invasions,” Korby said.

Korby is from Western Bahr el Ghazal State and he is a cousin to South Sudanese renowned Musician, Emmanuel Kembe.

He is due to meet the new Torit County Commissioner Charles German Ojok, Minister of Social Development Patrick Lodinga Kotein and possibly the state governor Louis Lobong Lojore during his seven day tour in Torit.

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