Youth Urged To Avoid Laziness and Develop the New Nation

The Upper Nile State Acting Governor has blamed the lack of development to the youth who have adopted the culture of laziness and consumption of drugs.

Youth Urged To Avoid Laziness and Develop the New Nation
Upper Nile State Acting Governor John Ibo Munto said the youth are responsible for lack of rapid development in the country. [Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

MALAKAL, 17 February 2013 [Gurtong] – Hon. John Ibo Munto said the youth are responsible for lack of rapid development in the country.

Munto was speaking during the graduation ceremony at the Malakal Vocational Training Centre (MVTC).

“There are things that hinder us on our path to development because of the laziness our young generation have adopted. They sit under trees and verandas for the day long. Yet other people try to censure this on poverty and lack of employment. To me we cannot expect to be rich if we don’t work harder. This is impossible,” said Munto.

Munto said youths in South Sudan want to take white-collar jobs. He advised people should start their work experience from lower responsibility until you reach to the top position of your dream.

“How can you start your first job as a commissioner, minister or a governor?” he asked. “You may get dismissed from the position of commissioner after three to five months because of your inexperience or because of some political changes. Where will you go again? Would you then go to jobs that you refused to do today?”

“These are dreams that lack responsibilities,” he added.

Most South Sudanese youth are undereducated and underemployed, and their priorities and perspectives are largely unknown.

South Sudanese are either blamed for looking for big jobs, cattle rustling or standing by sides of politicians who take tribal politics.

Munto said, “Whether people like it or not I will close all the shisha places in Upper Nile. I will shutdown clubs of dominos and playing cards. They are making our youth unproductive.”

Youth in most cases blame leaders in the new country of making administrative corruption and nepotism by only accessing government jobs to their relatives leaving qualified youth unemployed.

Munto challenged ministers and commissioners to dismiss lazy youth who live in their houses to access themselves accommodation and other needs.

“If you keep 20 unproductive youths in your compound as a minister, you will one day be forced to corruption,” he said.

“Let us send them out from our homes so that they use their minds to work. We must be destroying them by giving free accommodation and free food to people who refuse to help the development of this country,” he said.

The Acting Governor advised parents to keep their children busy at home. He asked them not to allow their kids to join the groups with negative influence.

“Why should the parents see their children doing bad practises on street and still do not ask them to stop from doing them? We must advise our young ones,” he concluded.

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