Upper Nile State Police To Strengthen Security In Malakal

Upper Nile State Police Commissioner has said that the police department is now in control of the security situation following recent insecurity incidence reports and crimes.

Upper Nile State Police To Strengthen Security In Malakal
Upper Nile State Police Commissioner Maj. Gen. James Biel Ruot. [Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

MALAKAL, 17 February 2013 [Gurtong] - Maj. Gen. James Biel Ruot acknowledged that crimes increased during wet season and he is optimistic it would improve now that there are no rains as police and the rest of the organized forces are watchful to curb the insecurity in Malakal.

“In rainy season we faced a lot of challenges on security because some places were impassable and police could not come there but now we have to improve,” Biel said.

The commissioner said most of the crimes they got are committed by thieves, robbers and drunkards.

He added that some youth are creating disturbances in the town and urged the citizens to be aware of some of the youth activities in residential areas.

“The security personnel can now move at night on foot from place to place...We are sure to restore better stability in town,” he said.

Biel told security personnel and citizens in Malakal to cooperate together in detecting criminals in their places.

He then denied claim from citizens that police sometimes harm innocent people by beating them with no cause.

“These are allegations, our police are there to protect the citizens and there is no reason of doing this. We need our people not to fear from the police they should be friends,” he said.

He said it is not every person who walks at night who is a criminal.

“Some people have relatives in hospitals and other people are on duties. These people must be left free as they meet the patrolling security personnel. They are not our target,” he said.

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