Jonglei women meet for peace

BOR, Nov 10 (Gurtong) – Women from across Jonglei State have come together in state capital Bor to try and bridge communities for the first time since the north-south Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in 2005.

Rumbek Secondary School celebrates 60 year anniversary
By Manyang Mayom
RUMBEK, 31 Dec (Gurtong) – Former students, including notable political leaders, of Rumbek’s famous secondary school were just some of those attending a 60 year anniversary celebration on Sunday in the Lakes State capital.  

By Mayen Daniel Mangok

“I want all women from Jonglei state to sort out their differences and unite under one umbrella,” state said State Minister for Social Development Rachel Nyadak in the speech that opened the meeting.

Tribal divisions and fighting have led to at least 60 reported deaths in the past year.

Also in attendance was state governor Philip Thon Leek, Bor commissioner Abraham Jok Aring Thon and other important guests from Juba and from the eleven counties of Jonglei state

The minister emphasized the need for women to fight for girl-child education.

"We need to educate girls so that they can be able to work on their own and will over-come domestic violence,” said Rachel

The minister condemned domestic violence against women and also said that women should have the same rights over their children as men.

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