Gudele Youth Train On Taekwondo Skills

Children in Gudele, a residential area in Juba have started to learn Taekwondo for the purpose of exercise, personal defense and entertainment.

Gudele Youth Train On Taekwondo Skills
Taekwondo children during the training in Juba. [Juma John Stephen]

By Juma John Stephen

JUBA, 21 February 2013 [Gurtong] – “Since I joined the Taekwondo practice, am feeling good all my joints are very flexible. This will help me defend myself,” said Ochan Nickson, a Taekwondo student.

“We are not taught to beat our friends or mothers. What we learn here should be among us and I find it very good,” Betty Michael a student said.

The pattern of movements is actually a planned series of movements that combines the physical skills like blocks, strikes, kicks and stances with the mental skills of balancing, coordination, discipline, strategy and focus.

The target of these movements is an imaginary opponent of the practitioner's own size. This is the aim of the South Korean Company, Child fund who initiated the project.

“Children who learn Taekwondo are the ones who respect people, they do not go about fighting other children because they are taught discipline,” Chan said adding that “This project we want to take it all over South Sudan.”

There are various forms for anybody learning Taekwondo to get a black belt which is one of the highest titles. It all starts with White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and finally you get a Black Dan; Black goes up to B-D 6.

Though Taekwondo is seen as a game of foreigners, a South Sudanese, Master Hussein has a Black D-6 which is the highest attainment in Taekwondo.

“These children we are training we are aiming for the Olympic in Brazil, but first we are going to take some of them to Mexico for a full month in May,” said Master Hussein. 

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