Presbyterian Sunday Children Celebrate Gifts

The Muderia Nuer Sunday School congregation has celebrated the support given to them by government officials for donating materials to the church.

Presbyterian Sunday Children Celebrate Gifts
Muderia Nuer Sunday School choir entertain guests in Malakal. [Jok P Mayom]

 By Jok P Mayom

MALAKAL, 24 February 2013 [Gurtong] - “We are extremely happy today for the support made to us by our fathers, government officials who have seen the difficulties we encounter during our worship and praise in our church,” said the Sunday school representative Michael Kueth Kuoth.

“Your support is not in vain to us. We honour you for these gifts. A child who has a father is not like the child without a father. You have really shown your love for your children, thank you and congratulation for this work done,” he said.

The gifts given to the school includes; chairs donated by former minister of Physical Infrastructure and Rural Development, Joseph Bol Ruach, Uniforms from the Minister of Commerce and Economic Planning Pal Ruach Doap, Piano by Malakal City Town Mayor John Chuol Puot and Generator given by Malakal Police Commissioner James Biel Ruot.

John Jok Gatwech the organizer of the ceremony thanked and appreciated the government officials who are also the members of the Presbyterian church for the support pledged to the church.

Deputy Pastor in charge Rev. John Deng Pieng on behalf of the Presbyterian Church appreciated the guest, congregation and much greatly to the well wishers of God who managed to give little they could give in support of the Sunday school.

Deng added that this will helps in making the fellowship of the young generation possible with the church materials given to them.

“Today is a very joyful day because our Sunday school children have received their promised church materials for their effective worshiping and praising to their God, I hope our children will make use of this materials in a good way,” said Sarah Nyadak Tong.

Sarah added that the Sunday school children at the Presbyterian Church are not like other children that are found on the streets because they are well taught at the church by their Catechist Johnson Jok.

“We shall not be having any difficulties in or praying and worship,” said the Sunday school representative, Michael Kueth Kuoth.

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