Lafon/Lopa Beats Torit to Win Inter-County Peace Tournament

Lofon/Lopa County Football team yesterday beat Torit County to clinch the 2013 inter-county sports tournament sponsored by Manna Sudan to promote peace among the warring communities in Eastern Equatoria State.

Lafon/Lopa Beats Torit to Win Inter-County Peace Tournament
Lafon/Lopa County players celebrate their win in Torit. Lafon/Lopa scored ten penalties against nine to beat Torit. [Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 25 February 2013 [Gurtong] –
 The Manna Executive Sudan Director Peter Lofane disclosed that the whole idea of the just the concluded Inter-County Football contest was to bring peace and unity in Eastern Equatoria State especially among some of the warring communities.

Lofane assured the youths that what they had been doing has been efforts exerted to engage them into peace “because that is what the state is lacking after the independence of the country.”

“Ours is Peace. We are for peace. The effort is celebrating the Eastern Equatoria State diversity. We have been looking for ways on how possible we can make our communities co-exist peacefully; how we could bring peace. We have decided. What means can be used to bring peace. We say yes sports can also do,” he said.

“We do not have any other intention but trying to tune them toward peace and unity among themselves,” he added.

He explained that there are other ways Manna Sudan is looking for including the use of netball and volleyball to help spread peace.

Lofane emphasized that youth must be united to take the state in a right direction as the inter-county tournament cost exceeded US $ 4,000 to organise.

Also speaking after the match was the Youth and Sports Director William Okot De Toby who congratulated both teams for reaching the finals.

Okot gladly extended his thanks to Manna Sudan for great donations which he described as real investment in peace.

He noted that the teams played peacefully demonstrating a good example.

The State Minister for Social Development, Culture, Youth and Sports, Patrick Lodinga Kotein who was the guest speaker congratulated the winners and thanked Manna Sudan for supporting his ministry to achieve peace in the state through sporting activities.

Lodinga disclosed that his ministry in collaboration with Manna Sudan organized the concluded Tournament which he said was symbolizing peace and unity among the state youth.

The newly appointed Torit Commissioner, German Charles Ojok congratulated the winner and urged the losers to accept peacefully the defeat as it was just a brotherly and sisterly interaction employed to bringing peace through football.

After the game, other activities including eating traditional foods from different counties with Budi County being announced the winner for preparing rich traditional food.

The final between Lafon/Lopa and Torit was tough with the winner being decided on penalties when the Lafon/Lopa scored ten 10 against nine goals of Torit team.

The event brought eight teams from the counties to interact through the tournament and its significance depicts efforts to building peace among the state youth through sporting activities.

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