Homes Destroyed By Fire In Rubkona

A fire outbreak has destroyed six homes in Rubkona County residential area in Unity State.

Homes Destroyed By Fire In Rubkona
Local residents at the scene of the fire in Rubkona. [Luk Riek Nyak]

By Luk Riek Nyak

BENTIU, 25 February 2013 [Gurtong]–“We have experienced such a problem for a week, we don’t know the cause but we are suspecting criminals of carrying out such action,” said Teresa Nyaduong whose home with all properties got burnt in the fire.

“We have so far rescued three homes before the problem reached us in this area and it sometimes happens outside the fences that is why we are suspecting criminals of doing that,” she added.

She said that the fires were wild and there are not fire fighters at the market.

The State Fire Brigade Director Col. James Mut Nyang has complained to the state government about the lack of firefighting equipment and requested the state to provide them with water tanks.

“We have only two water-tank trucks in the state and these are not functioning now and need maintenance,” he said.

Last year hundreds of houses and shops were destroyed in Bentiu and Robkona with many losing property in the process as the local community could not afford to build their houses and shops using concrete.


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