Missionaries Spread Services to the Rural Community In Old Fangak

The Catholic cleric on a pastoral visit to Malakal said Comboni Missionaries have established a Church for the rural population in Fangak County.

Missionaries Spread Services to the Rural Community In Old Fangak
Fr Alfred Mawadri, a Ugandan national came to South Sudan last year as member of Comboni Missionary Family to preach the Gospel.[Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

MALAKAL, 4 February 2013 [Gurtong] “We Comboni Missionaries are working for evangelization, with the poorest and the most abandoned societies. The people we work for now; are the people we feel, to be in real need of the Gospel. I am happy that I have been given this opportunity because it was my choice to come to South Sudan,” said Fr. Alfred Mawadri.

Fr Alfred Mawadri is a Ugandan national who came to South Sudan last year as member of Comboni Missionary Family to preach the Gospel.

Fr. Mawadri said he sees the small Old Fangak Parish growing very rapidly although there are difficulties that hinder easy movement because of what he assumed to be the inaccessibility of the area and lack of road connection.

“Old Fangak Catholic Parish was started by the initiatives of some local catechists who came from Khartoum and Ethiopia, having encountered God, they came to their own land and began to gather people teaching them the Good News of our Lord,” he said.

“Then it was Fr Anthony La Braca who went and attended the pastoral need of these people and that was how the Old Fangak Parish called now the Holy Trinity came about,” he added.

He said the Catholic Church divided the parish into three regions which are made up of eleven pastoral centres and over fifty chapels.

Fr Mawadri said there are only four missionary personnel working in this vast district; three priests and a Seminarian.

“It is a very difficult mission. They are no road networks during rainy season we are really cut off, because every pastoral trip we do is on foot and it is very difficult,” he said.

Fr Mawadri thanked the efforts and assistance done by the Christian leaders in the local area in supporting the church to grow.

“During our movements, we sleep in homes of local Christians. They have good spirit in supporting the church. And for me this is a good example of a growing church,” he said.

He asked the government to extend road link to Old Fangak so that the community be connected to other areas.

Fr. Mawadri said the church is directly participating in educational department of the area.

“Two of us from the mission teach in the primary school in the area. The local administration is trying to fix the school inside the church premises, and shall have no problem since it is for the service of the local community,” he explained.

He said the community requires health services because there outbreaks of Kalazar in the area and an American volunteer Doctor has established a clinic in the area helping the local community.

“The government need to bring the road network. Because they are cut off. The only means they use is the river means by boats. There is a need of a connection to Ayod and Canal road system and the movement will be easy,” he concluded. 

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