Firm To Set A Sugar Plant In South Sudan

Uttam Sucrotech International, an Indian company is in a move to set a green field sugar plant and factory in Terekeka County, Central Equatoria State.

Firm To Set A Sugar Plant In South Sudan
The Managing Director of Uttum Sucrotech International Mr. Regan Adlakhan. [Misuk Moses Mule]

By Misuk Moses Mule

JUBA, 8 March 2013 [Gurtong]- The company’s managing director, Mr. Regan Adlakhan said that the US $200 million project is set to commence soon as they have been engaging the state and national government officials in the project.

He added that they have also been allocated the land in the county and have visited the people who are positive about the move.

“When fully operational, the sugar plant will be able to meet not only the complete demand for sugar in South Sudan, but will help the country to become a net exporter of sugar, helping to earn precious foreign exchange,” he said.

He also said that the plant will produce surplus power that can be exported to the grid, helping immensely in meeting the power requirements of the country.

Mr. Regan said that they will also build a school that they will run and that they have four factories in India with the fifth going to be in South Sudan.

He said that they will start at the end of this month and has called on the communities in South Sudan to support the project by growing sugarcane.

The project is reported to begin with about 20,000 hectors of land and is likely to expand to 100,000 hectors as the project expands.

Meanwhile the Indian ambassador to South Sudan, H.E Parmod Bajaj has said that the project is significant as South Sudan embarks on nation building.

He added that the area holds tremendous development for South Sudan.

Parmod said that if the project is fully utilized, South Sudan can be a food basket for Africa.

According to him, the support of the government and its people is crucial for this project.

Nevertheless, he called on other Indian companies to come and invest in South Sudan adding that India and South Sudan has had good relations which needs to be strengthened.

The State Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries, Gerald Francis Nyukuye said that the government will rally behind Uttum and that the company needs to cooperate with the locals.

He added that Central Equatoria would love to be the pioneers of sugar growers in South Sudan. 

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