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02 September 2020 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
"...reduction of government expenditure is a key to improve the economy:" Read more
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09 January 2018 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
"He was roughly 16 years when he left (just a child soldier) home. His name was Koang Gatluak Doar Kwar (I do not know the name he calls himself now if he is alive, perhaps if he did not change his name). His mother is Kangach Yieth Kuenywar Choman." Read more
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19 June 2017 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
"We must cease and desist from violence. We need to start this dialogue now, not in the future. We must start, however poor the start, as long as it looks like dialogue, we must give it a trial. That is why ND, poorly initiated as it was, must be given a trial."
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28 September 2016 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
"A Python in the Mud for Peace and Stability...The only path forward to the promised nirvana of hope, democracy, and prosperity for the people of South Sudan is terminating the political dominance of the Gunclass..." Read more
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20 September 2016 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
"It is high time for President Kiir to save all things. Mr. Kiir must not let his country die. He must save life, deteriorating economy, and a possible disintegration of the country into ethnic or regional enclaves." Read more
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29 June 2016 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
" the country goes silent with no celebratory laughter or joy on your 5th anniversary grant that we may reflect as a country to peacefully liberate ourselves from the culture of violence,..." Read more
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14 January 2016 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
"I wished my dad were alive. I would have asked him if this is the nature of Jieeng; or if this is how Jieeng elders acted in the past". Read more
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09 December 2015 - Jacob Akol | Comments (3)
Though only a small number has responded so far, over 70% think not on a Gurtong's questionaire Read more
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03 September 2015 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
"Journalists and media workers are harassed, intimidated, arbitrary arrested and detained without trial and unknown persons kill some." Read more
26 August 2015 - Jacob Akol | Comments (0)
Enough Project Welcomes South Sudan Peace Agreement, Warns of Challenges Ahead Read more
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