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19 June 2020 | Comments (0)
“Today the American people have demonstrated that they stand together with the people of South Sudan in the fight against COVID-19.” Read more
18 June 2020 | Comments (0)
"We as humanitarians ultimately have limits on what we can say and do to preserve life, as COVID-19 has shown us. These incessant cycles of armed violence must stop." Read more
11 June 2020 | Comments (0)
"The EU calls upon the South Sudanese government and all relevant stakeholders to redouble efforts to proceed in the timely implementation of the peace agreement through political compromise..," Read more
10 June 2020 | Comments (0)
"The Sudanese authorities should build on this momentum by handing over former President Omar al-Bashir and the two other suspects, Ahmad Harun and Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein, to also answer allegations against them at the ICC." Read more
09 June 2020 | Comments (0)
“Hundreds of people have been killed or injured, women and children abducted, cattle stolen, homes burnt to the ground and thousands forced to flee to escape the violence,” said David Shearer. Read more
01 June 2020 | Comments (0)
"...the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan are committing dangerous political mistake by dragging the country to run public services without official national budget in this model era of politics". Read more
27 May 2020 | Comments (1)
"More generals than doctors: There are approximately 700 military figures with the rank of general in South Sudan. Nationally, that’s about three times as many generals as physicians". Read more
21 May 2020 | Comments (0)
“If COVID-19 continues to spread and overwhelms South Sudan’s already fragile health system, the capacity to treat gunshot injuries will be even lower." Read more
20 May 2020 | Comments (0)
“These violent assaults on civilian communities as part of an ongoing cycle of revenge must stop. While politically motivated conflict has reduced in South Sudan, intercommunal fighting has increased,..." Read more
19 May 2020 | Comments (0)
“We have reasons to believe that the number of people wounded is very high,” said MacKay. “So far we have received 56 people with gunshot wounds, but we fear that many more could be dead..." Read more
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