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13 June 2019 | Comments (0)
“We know that when people are able to travel to meet with each other, it is easier to build trust and confidence. In many areas where roads have been improved, we have seen a decrease in violence between groups..." Read more
21 May 2019 | Comments (0)
"UNDP and IOM have invested in innovative youth activities for reintegration through capacity building in peacebuilding, social cultural interdependencies, infrastructure development and socio-economic activities". Read more
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13 May 2019 | Comments (0)
"This visit is really timely because we want to build on the momentum and we wanted to show that the three organisations are together. And we hope that the parties also will be at the level of their responsibilities this time."
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10 May 2019 | Comments (1)
"The aim of the visit is to provide support to the peace process in South Sudan, further to the 3 May 2019 agreement facilitated by IGAD that extended the pre-transitional period by six months." Read more
07 May 2019 | Comments (0)
"New Petroleum Agreement Between South Sudan and South Africa is a boost to Peace, Economic Recovery and the Oil Industry. This landmark oil deal marks yet another achievement for Africa’s growing energy investments and will provide further boost to South Sudan’s economic revival". Read more
07 May 2019 | Comments (0)
The Sudd Institute stands for the right of all citizens to express their views, political or otherwise, freely. Thus, no citizen should ever be subjected to death or repression simply for expressing their views about the country... Read more
01 May 2019 | Comments (0)
"The men’s disappearance is widely viewed to be the result of collusion between South Sudan and Kenya, but both governments have consistently denied having custody of the two or knowledge of their whereabouts." Read more
30 April 2019 | Comments (0)
"In Malakal, IOM will invest in the initial hardware and installation costs, thanks to funding from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)." Read more
26 March 2019 | Comments (0)
"Largest joint-United Nations programme on education to reach tens of thousands of children in South Sudan thanks to European Union funds".
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25 March 2019 | Comments (1)
“Safeguards to Peace” presents recommendations for economic governance to counter deep-rooted kleptocracy and support sustainable peace Read more
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