30 May 2020


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13 March 2020 | Comments (0)
"...they're definitely ready to steer the reform agenda, particularly with the former mandate holder separating the Public Prosecution Attorneys from the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, and provide it with requisite support to stand against growing impunity in South Sudan..." Read more
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05 March 2020 | Comments (1)
"...the Equatoria Forestry Company Ltd. is doing development in the area: harvesting and planting teak, sawing timber, experimenting with coffee, groundnuts, and simsim planting with prospects for future export." Read more
04 March 2020 | Comments (0)
"...no change to religious and racial social attitudes, and they are not likely to change soon, from “Arab and Islamic identity” for a Sudanese inclusive national identity." Read more
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04 March 2020 | Comments (0)
"Hundreds of people have been wounded, families forced to flee their homes and villages looted amidst intercommunal clashes that erupted mid-February in Jonglei State." Read more
03 March 2020 | Comments (0)
"With limited health services outside of Pibor town, we are very concerned about the ability of civilians and the wounded to access medical care.” Read more
02 March 2020 | Comments (1)
"An Education System where quality educational services are delivered on the basis of the problem-based approach and experiential teaching and learning domains in a non-threatening learning environment."
Read more
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27 February 2020 | Comments (2)
"While confined along the Acholi corridor, the locusts are reportedly consuming whatever vegetation in their sight, including virus-infected raw pawpaws, the game is turning out to be that of the terminator being terminated. Ayiwala!" Read more
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27 February 2020 | Comments (1)
"Such a broadcaster will not giving fair opportunity for opposition parties to criticise the government where and when necessary or publicise their policies for public consumption." Read more
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25 February 2020 | Comments (1)
"...this is an opportunity for the political leadership to take their country forward towards prosperity and peace by making meaningful progress on security sector arrangements, the reform agenda, transitional justice and accountability, and preparations for credible and safe elections." Read more
23 February 2020 | Comments (3)
"What matters for the leaders is the return of Peace for which people must now pour libations on them who stole it and now have returned the same." Read more
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