28 Nov 2020


State Information

Education in Jonglei State

There is only one university in the State; Dr John Garang University, located in Pakuou area near the airport along Juba road.

There are vocational schools in the State; Pamot Vocational training School and Jonglei Vocational Christian Centre.

There is also a teachers’ training college; Makuac Teachers Training Institute.

Alternative Education System

The state has:

  1. The Accelerating Learning Program(ALP)
  2. Pastoralist Education
  3. Radio Instruction
  4. Community Girls School
  5. Adult Education in the Church in Leudiet and Langbaar

The medium of instruction is Arabic language and mother tongue in the Dinka dialect.

Below are the primary and secondary schools in  Bor and their population:

Last updated at 11/20/2020