20 Sep 2018

Juba County

Listed educational institutions for Juba County include the following, where instituions in grey are of unconfirmed level (i.e. primary, secondary or basic schools).

If you have further information about any of the following establishments, email us or send your comments so we can create a specific page for that institution.

Name of School
St. Joseph Primary Jokala
Tulyang Primary Jokala
St. Mary Primary Jokala
Roja Primary Juba
Usratuna Juba
Al Nahari Juba
Juba One Boys Juba
Kamuyenge Juba
Juba One Girls Juba
St. Juvilen Juba
Hai Malakal Juba
JCC (Juba Christian Center) Juba
Buluk Model Juba
Buluk A Juba
Buluk B Juba
Gudele Juba
St. Joseph Juba
Hai Jalaba Juba
St. Francis Juba
Rokon Camp Primary Juba
Atlabara East Juba
Rejaf School for the Blind Juba
Bil Al Ibin Kabah Juba
Libya Complex Juba
Lobonok/Jebel Kujur Camp Juba
New Foundation Juba
New Foundation Juba
Nyakuran A Juba
Sadaka (Hai Mayo) Juba
Hai Negile Kator
Malakia Primary Kator
Giyada Quranic Kator
Al Giyada Boys Kator
Giyada Girls Kator
Majuma Complex Kator
St. Bakita ***
Yei Camp Primary Muniki
Kuku Camp Muniki
Ephphatha Muniki
Atlabara West Muniki
Libya Mangala
Nywa Primary Mangala
Khor Romla Primary Mangala
Payath Primary Mangala
Rajaf East Primary Mangala
Somba Primary Mangala
Rokwe Primary Mangala
Mobil Primary Mangala
Kondokoro (B) Primary Mangala
Nyori Primary Mangala
Kondokoro (A) Primary Mangala
Jofa Primary Mangala
Gumbo (3) Primary Mangala
St Vincent De Paul Primary Mangala
Sacred heart Primary Rokon
Rokon Complex PrimaryRokon Rokon
Narjuwa Primary Rokon
Liggi Primary Rokon
Buko Primary Rokon
Yorja Primary Rokon
Tijor Primary Rokon
Gimora Primary Rokon
Mageri Primary Rokon
Perisa Primary Rokon
Dolamaya primary Rokon
Merikio Primary Rokon
Sirimon Primary Rokon
Kuda Primary Rokon
Gurolotogu Primary Rokon
Jurtong (1) Primary Rokon
Jurtong (II) Primary Wonduruba
Moje Primary Wonduruba
Dokuni Primary Wonduruba
Wonduruba Model Primary Wonduruba
Wonduruba Pre-School Wonduruba
Wonduruba Primary Wonduruba
Kwini Primary Wonduruba
Logwerle primary Wonduruba
Gumbo Primary Wonduruba
Mankaru Primary Wonduruba
Mengele Primary Wonduruba
Katigiri Primary Wonduruba
Genesis Pre-school Wonduruba
Seven days Adven. Primary Wonduruba
Mandikolo Primary Wonduruba
Jokari Primary Wonduruba
Kagwada Primary Wonduruba
Pirkongun Primary  Wonduruba
Alimbiya Primary Wonduruba
Juba Model Basic School Juba
Rajef Basic School Juba
Mahad Basic Juba
Mayo Girls Basic Juba
Munuki Centre Basic Juba
Salaam Basic Kator
St. Tereza Basic Kator
Arapi Basic Muniki
St. Lawrence Muniki
Munuki East Basic Muniki
Seventh Day Basic Muniki
Western Star Basic Muniki
St. Kizito Basic Muniki
Jabeleen Basic Wonduruba
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