27 Mar 2019

Lainya County

Listed educational institutions for Lainya County include the following, where instituions in grey are of unconfirmed level (i.e. primary, secondary or basic schools).

If you have further information about any of the following establishments, email us or send your comments so we can create a specific page for that institution.

Name of School
Baraka Primary Kenyi
Bongo Primary Kenyi
Gwelende Primary Kenyi
Kenyi Primary Kenyi
Limbe Primary Kenyi
Logori Primary Kenyi
Loka West Primary Kenyi
Mankaro Primary Kenyi
Bori Primary Kupera
Ginyabiyo Primary Kupera
Giwaya Primary Kupera
Gwotoro Primary Kupera
Jamara Primary Kupera
Kirikwat Primary Kupera
Kopera Primary Kupera
Koyoki Primary Kupera
Limuro Primary Kupera
Mundu Primary Kupera
Wuji Primary Kupera
Bereka Primary Lainya
Gwasere Primary Lainya
Kilongo Primary Lainya
Lainya Primary Lainya
Logwili Primary Lainya
Loka Round Primary Lainya
Lukurubang Primary Lainya
Muresuk Primary Lainya
Rijongu Primary Lainya
Dimo (1) Primary Mukaya
Dimo II Primary Mukaya
Komoyi Primary Mukaya
Mambule Primary Mukaya
Roronyo Primary Mukaya
Yondoru Primary Mukaya
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