27 Mar 2019

Morobo County

Listed educational institutions for Morobo County include the following, where instituions in grey are of unconfirmed level (i.e. primary, secondary or basic schools).

If you have further information about any of the following establishments, email us or send your comments so we can create a specific page for that institution.

Name of School
Gulumbi Primary  Gulumbi
Kendila Primary Gulumbi
Morobo Gulumbi
Nyori II Primary  Gulumbi
Kanja Primary  Gulumbi
Kanyara Primary  Gulumbi
Rodo'ba Primary  Gulumbi
Pabanga Primary Gulumbi
Pokujo Primary  Gulumbi
Nyapia Primary  Gulumbi
Rock Desert Primary  Gulumbi
Iraga Primary Gulumbi
Ojipako Primary Gulumbi
Mi'digo Primary  Kimba
Ryokapoto Primary  Kimba
Dudulabe Primary  Kimba
Kimba Primary Kimba
Kaya Primary  Kimba
Alikate Primary  Kimba
Ambassadors for Christ Primary  Kimba
Yondu East Primary Kimba
Renu Primary  Kimba
Rego Primary  Kimba
Kendre Primary  Lujule
Aworo Primary Lujule
Ombachi Keliko Primary Lujule
Yugufe Primary  Lujule
Jaba Primary Lujule
Laiza Primary  Lujule
Kirinya Primary  Lujule
Panyana Primary Lujule
Udundra Primary  Lujule
Paika Primary  Lujule
Londruko Primary Lujule
Panyume Primary  Panyume
Nyori I Primary Panyume
Yaribe Primary Panyume
Lujulo East Primary  Panyume
Yondu West Primary  Wadabi
Wudabi Primary Wadabi
Aloto Primary  Wadabi
Nyei Primary Wadabi
Iwatuku Primary Wadabi
Arimbe Primary  Wadabi
Okollowa Primary Wadabi
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